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Human ResourceManagement
TASK 2Importance of employee relations to influence decision making of HRMEmployee relation means to efforts to manage relations among employers and employeesin the workplace. Every individual shares certain relationship with workers at the workplace.Therefore, employees and employers relationship is very essential to the success of Marks andSpencer. The importance of employees relations is key benefit for making the decisions such asproductivity, conflicts reduction, profitability of business. In this context, employee relation isimportant that people are comfortable with each other and working together as individual unittowards common objectives. Such as:Easy work:The healthy relations between employees simplicity the work load on anyspecific people and in turn raise opportunities of productivity if the employees are shared ideasin the Marks and Spencer. Human resources assign priority task so that employees are shared allactivities for completing the task by healthy relationship among the workers in the M&S.Conflict Reduction:Effective and healthy relationship between employees decreasepossibilities of conflicts and battle between the staff at the M&S. They trust each other in helpingin the execution to fulfil objectives. With the help of it, increasing productiveness of firm.Through this, HRM take better decision for the organization.Employee Loyalty:It is necessary to make pleasant and productive work atmosphere hasforceful effect on loyalty of employees to M&S. The lower level of employee turnover in thefirm which aid to decrease the cost of hiring new employees. Loyal employees leads to highproductivity and return of the organization.Key elements of employment legislation and its impact upon decisions making of HRMEmployment legislation is the regulation which regulates employment within theorganization with everyone who works. This directly affects employers, workers and unions inthe business. The role of employment regulations is to ensure that identify who can and can notemploy and treated during the procedure and minimum terms and conditions under they canwork. In this context, there are many employment legislations such as Equality Act 2010, healthand safety act 1974 etc. that are influenced on the decisions making of human resourcemanagement.Equality Act, 2010:It is the act of Parliament of UK which is protecting thediscrimination in employment at the M&S. It involving different features such as gender, race,
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