Project Report on Training Programme for Human Resource Management

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Human ResourceManagement
INTRODUCTIONHuman resource management plays an important role in every business organisation as ithelps in managing available human resources at the workplace. This function is performed by theHR department to increase efficiency and effectiveness of employees. High performance ofworkers can help business enterprise in accomplishing its desired goals and objectives withinshort time period. Different human resource policies are concerned with profit and welfare ofworkforce so that their interests can be promoted and protected within organisation. HRMsection performs various activities such as recruitment, employee benefits, performanceappraisal, rewarding, training and development, etc. (Nabrzyski, Schopf and Weglarz, 2012).This project report is based on GREENLABS. In this project report, different problems regardingtraining programme has been diagnosed. Along with this, to promote sustainable values andpractices of cited company, an alternate programme has been recommended which is supportedby the HRM theory.TASKHuman resource management has a significant role in organisational growth. As its mostimportant function is to provide training and development programs to employees, they canincrease their skills and abilities. It is that aspect which is required at each and every level ofcompany. With the help of training and development programme, enterprise can improve anddevelop job performance of their workforce. This concept can be referred as an educationalprocedure in which skills, abilities, attitude, knowledge and performance of employees getimproved in an effective and systematic manner. Training and development is also known ashuman capital development. This concept includes three most essential activities which aretraining, education and development. All these practices are sponsored by the senior managers.By conducting this type of program, organisation can get various benefits such as highprofitability, productivity, less supervision, employee satisfaction and skills development. As thisessay is based on GREENLABS which has provided various training programs to its workers,they can contribute more in saving Green Culture. But due to some training problems, thiscompany is facing various losses (Hanif, 2013).On the other side, Strategic HRM (SHRM) is also the most important concept of humanresource management. It is considered as an intention and plan of company which is very much1
important for achieving organisational goals and objectives effectually. This concept is focusedon three proportions. First, employee is the most important asset of company as well as a sourceof gaining competitive advantage. Second, those people who implements strategic program andthird, it is effective and systematic concept which is adopted by different enterprises to growtheir business. SHRM can be refer as process that is used to improve and develop humanresource strategies, which helps in increasing efficiency and effectiveness of work place. Thisconcept involves resourcing, reward, employee relations, training and development. Currently,cited company is facing various training problems due to high level of energy consumptionbecause its staff members are using photocopies to promote recycling awareness day and treeplanting event. It is very much important forGREENLABS to overcome those problemsotherwise, it cannot increase efficiency and effectiveness of individuals employed inGREENLABS.By taking help of effective strategic HRM approach organisation can resolve its allbusiness problems and situations.Cited company can select High-performance managementapproach of SHRM through which enterprise can increase organisational performance byfocusing on quality, productivity, growth, profits and level of customer service. According toabove mentioned approach, business manager should share important information with formalsystem, evaluate employee's performance, utilise effective grievance procedures and high levelof participation of workers. By operating all these tasks, enterprise can resolve its training relatedproblems (Stanton and Nankervis, 2011). With the help of high-performance administrationGREENLABS can recruit, select and train their workers in most effective and systematicmanner. Also, can provide better understanding to employees about their duties andresponsibilities towards Green Culture. Organization should provide extra time period foremployee's training and also suggests them to do not consume energy unless it is required. Byusing energy effectively,cited company can contribute more in environmental and social change,which is its most important objective.For better growth and development of organisation it is important to provide effectivetraining and development programs to employees. But before conducting any training program,business managers should determine the needs of employee's training. Basically, there are threemajor training needs assessment. First, is organizational appraisal in which it is determined thatwhich skills and abilities are required to accomplish organisational goals and objectives.2
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