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Human Resource ManagementContentsIntroduction01 INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION 41.1 Present company situation in relation to HRM functions at MAS Holdings 502 Key roles and responsibilities and function of HR 62.1 How it applicable in workforce planning and resourcing 703 strengths and weaknesses of recruitments and selection, with examples. 804 Functions of HRM support to provide & retain talented and skilled employees to fulfil thebusiness objectives. 1405 Explore the different methods of HRM practices in relation to the selected organization. 16Various HRM practices within an organization for employees’ benefit 17Various different HRM practices within an organization for employer’s benefit 1706 Effective HRM practices and application in terms of raising productivity and profit of theorganisation considering a range with examples 18Conclusion 19References 20IntroductionThis report created as aJunior Human Resources Manager recently joined. HumanResource Management is currently operating under the authority of Managing Director(MD) and no clear HR policies and procedures are being enforced as the MD willconcentrate more on business growth. Although their core business is growing well, theorganization is currently facing many HR issues, including high labour turnover, and it hasbeen found to have a direct impact on market competition.The author has therefore been given a special task to properly grow the HR Department as t
he company has not concentrated on it for the last 15 years and the Managing Director hasrecognized the need for a separate HR Department and the value of implementing best HRpractices to build a healthier working atmosphere. As the first task of the author is to assessthe efficacy of the HR function within the organization, examine the position and natureof HR and review and evaluate the organization’s key HR functions..01 INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATIONWELCOME TO MASIn 1987, Mr Mahesh, Ajay and Mr Sharad Amalean introduced lingerie manufacturing toSouth Asia and that is where the MAS legacy began. Something that began as a venturedown an unusual path has resulted in MAS being at the forefront of garment manufacture.(Overview | MAS - Change Is Courage, 2020)MAS’s portfolio includes businesses with a revenue of USD 2bn and is on the position of oneof the world’s most recognized design to delivery solution providers in the realm of theapparel and textile manufacturing. In South Asia, it is the largest apparel and textilemanufacturer. The organization’s headquarter is in Sri Lanka and 53 manufacturing facilitiesplaced across 16 countries, with design locations placed in key style centres across theglobe and over 99,000 people involved in its operation. The seamlessly integrated supplychain that is balanced to perfection with the organizations strategically placed design housesgives MAS the knowledge, the means and the speed to deliver what is demanded by theindustry. (Overview | MAS - Change Is Courage, 2020)There are some HR functions practiced by the company defined by the author as Trainingand Development, Safe, Healthy and Happy Workplace, Performance Management and Ememployee Engagement according to the Annual Report 2019.1.1 Present company situation in relation to HRM functions atMAS HoldingsThere are several HR problems at MAS Holdings, including high labor turnover, and it hasbeen observed that it would impact market competition directly. And also the managerdiscovered that the worker stringed to develop an unpleasant trade union situation.There are still huge amounts of good HR practices that are actually starting within theorganizationTraining and developmentSafe, healthy and happy workplacePerformance Appraisal and ManagementEmployee Engagement
Women go beyond the concepts designed to promote career advancement by skills learningand knowledge development practices, Employees receiving training such as computer skills,English languages, leadership development and there is an award for empowerment women ofthe year.MAS Holdings Designed an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) to be online and in-personprogram, comprehensivehybrid solution. MAS was looking to provide new approaches and applications of such inventivepractices like design thinking to help participants lead, navigate, innovate, and creatively dealwith the fast-paced, increasingly challenging global business landscape. (Overview | MAS -Change Is Courage, 2020)By going through each HR practices currently available at MAS Holdings, there is asignificant improvement after taking the business.Mas holdings improve employee engagement by social engagement such as organizedevents, CSR activities, special project and Work engagement such as Empowermentemployee, suggestion team, problem solving. (Overview | MAS - Change Is Courage, 2020)Although excelling in the production and involvement of people in an creative way, thecompany also places emphasis on supporting and elevating workers, with a vision thatextends into society and their future careers well beyond the workplace. (Overview | MAS -Change Is Courage, 2020)02 Key roles and responsibilities and functions of HRFrom the question above, we address the HR function currently available at the company.They are Health and Safety, Training and Development, Reward Management, Employeeengagement, Human Resource Planning Here we see the purpose of those roles andresponsibilities and how they apply in the workforce.The purpose of the human resource management function is to ensure the recruitment,training and development, reward management, employee engagement. Organizationculture, health and safety workplace.• The purpose of the Training and development is to ensure to do the things effectively,improve employee attitude, skills and knowledge.AT Mas Holdings there are Staff including those with expertise and qualifications, needtraining at a specific stage since each company varies from each other. When part of theirown boarding process, protocols and practices need to be communicated to all employeesthus getting everybody on the same wavelengthHR management is responsible for evaluating performance of workers, continuing growth ofthe workers, identify the required training. This continuing education keeps the expertise ofworkers up to date so that they bring original and innovations to the organization. (ArianaSmith, 2015)
• The purpose of Maintaining Safe, healthy and happy workplace is provision of safeworkplace, safe equipment and safe procedures in workplace to ensure workers Health andsafety.At Mas Holdings there are some heavy machinery and equipment in the workplace it canresult in significant injury to human life or even death.Therefore, HR Management needs to play a major role here to ensure the health ofeverybody by ensuring a check on the equipment and machinery.• The purpose of the Performance Appraisal and Management is to deals with the planning andexecution of strategies and policies aimed at giving rewards to the employees efficiently,equally and regularly in line with their importance to the company.At Mas Holdings more than 1000 employees are working so sometime they might getdemotivate in work. Therefore, HR Management needs to play a major role here to Motivateemployees attracts new employees, encourage positive attitude (Ariana Smith, 2015)The purpose of the Employee Engagement is to improve employee satisfaction in work,improve job performance, prevent work absences and leaves.The Department of Human Resources ensures that good working relations between workersare established. They are responsible for holding meetings, seminars and all official gatheringson behalf of the management. In addition to that the department also helps the organization inthe creation of business and marketing strategies if necessary. (Ariana Smith, 2015)2.1 How it applicable in workforce planning and resourcingWorkforce planning is an ongoing process of evaluating the organizationsrequirements in terms of what an organization may need in reference to scale, form,experience and knowledge of its employees to achieve strategic planning goals and objectives.The corporate world is quickly shifting. Technology is continually evolving and beingchanged, the staff is moving all the time and the company’s revenues are varying from timeto time. It is the most important responsibility of the human resource development department tohelp the organization be equipped for continuing transition. Transition preparation includeshelping staff to understand their roles by taking into account the company’s viewpoint. (PeterLouch, 2014)03 strengths and weaknesses of recruitments andselection, with examples.RecruitmentsRecruitment is a method of recruiting candidates and getting them interested in the needs of
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