Human Resource Management Report - Unilever

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Human Resource
An efficient and effective HRM acts as an catalyst in inducing workforce to work with
full dedication and best of their efforts for overall achievement of company's goals and
objectives. Out of various responsibilities of Human Resource Management major three are
concerned with carrying out tasks of staffing, designing and explaining work to its employees
and formulating policies and schemes for workers compensation and benefits (Andreeva, T.
and Kianto, 2012).
Unilever is a world's largest trans national firm that deals in customer goods. It was
establishes in 1930 with its headquarters in London, UK.
This assignment will focus importance , strength and weakness of various Hrm practices
along with important function s that Human Resource Management performs. It will also give
synopsis on why it is important for a firm to maintain good employee relations besides briefing
about various legislations that are laid down by government for employees benefit.
P1 Purpose and functions of HRM applicable to workforce planning.
Human resource development is a premeditated approach that helps an organization to
manage its people and work culture of an enterprise. The major area of focus for HRM is
people, which is treated as most important asset for firm as it is by utilizing their capabilities
and efforts an enterprise becomes sufficient to convert its limited available resources into
maximum outputs and can generate higher profits (Briscoe, Tarique and Schuler, 2012).
Unilever is Europe's seventh most valuable company with its operations in around 190counteries
selling over 400 brands . It has a team of around 172,000 employees who works dedicatedly to
make Unilever worlds No. 1 consumer goods company. To maintain its market position and to
manage huge workforce it requires lot of planning by top managements along with its Human
Resource Department to constantly evolves company's operations, products and services with
changing market scenarios to be competitive enough for business rivals to compete. With the
vision of having sustainable development. HR department of Unilever give extra emphasis on
building and maintaining trust of people in the brand for which they undertake various society
related programs and initiates like charitable donations and community works like contributing
in education, art, and health of people. All this helps in maintain positive brand image which
ultimately results in high demand from customers to buy company's products and services.
Various functions undertaken by HRM are as follows:-
Hiring Functions – First and foremost function of any HRM is to hire people through
the process of recruitment and selection. These processes involves planning out job
requirements, attracting potential candidate to apply for vacancy and then selecting
people who matches the job specifications by testing their skills, knowledge and
capabilities through various tests like aptitude test and other behavioural techniques.
Unilever accomplish their hiring process in three segments. For distribution department
they select candidate on basis of physical health and fitness. For other operations related
departments they conduct interviews based on competency, case study group discussions
etc. to ensue that they have right people working at right job position and are available
at right time whenever required (Budhwar, 2012).
Managing employee relations: Employee's forms the cornerstone of every business
environment as one dedicated, proficient employee is worth of an asset for a firm. Thus

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