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INTRODUCTIONThe assignment is based on Human resource management. It is a practice of recruiting,hiring, and managing the human resources of organisation. This study will include Sainsbury forperforming various task of organisation. Sainsbury is involved in a retail business and deals withvarious products such as Hypermarket, supermarket, convenience shop etc. This organisation isbased in UK and performing its various activities there to attract more customers. Thisassignment will include human resource management functions and purposes for workforceplanning and resourcing. This study will include information about various strength andweakness of recruitment and selection approaches. Furthermore, this tasks will explain aboutdifferent HRM practices followed in the organisation. Moreover , it will analyse the benefit ofemployee relation to influence human resource management decision – making. This project willalso explain about emplyment legislation elements and its effect on HRM decision- making.TASK 11. Purpose and functions of HRM applicable to workforce planning of SainsburyPurpose of HRM to workforce planning1
Workforce planning is a strategy used by Human resource manager to identify the needsof employees of company to provide organisation with potential workforce to achieve theobjective of organisation. The purpose of HRM include managing workforce, designing work,providing training and development in order to maximise productivity of firm. HRM assistorganisation by formulating various policies to effectively achieve the targeted goals. HRMpurpose is to hire potential employees, train and develop their skills and knowledge to improvetheir performance level to accomplish desire goals (Albrecht And, 2015). Human resourcemanagement provide potential worker to organisation by various research and also play a role ofmotivator for employees.Function of HRMHuman resource management perform various function in order to maximise theproductivity of organisation. These functions are related to management of human resources inorganisation. The following are various function performed by HRM for workforce planning andresourcing:Planning : Planning function of HRM is related to formulating various strategies andplan in order to achieve the objective of firm. Planning assists Human resource managerin identifying various job vacancies, planning for job requirement, identifying varioussources of recruitment etc. Planning assist Human resource manager in achieving thetargeted goals effectively and efficiently (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). HR assistant ofSainbury perform this function of human resource management in order to identifyvarious sources of recruitment and to formulate various policies and procedure foreffectively achieving objectives of organisation. Human resource management makeplanning relating to objectives of firm.Organising : Organising function of human resource management is related toorganising various activities of firm to provide responsibility to subordinates. Organisingfunction of HRM is related to developing an organisational structure to carry out variousoperations.Directing : Direction function of HRM is related to guiding the employees oforganisation in order to identify if work is going on in a planned way or not. Directionperform motivation to employees in order to achieve the objectives of organisation.2
Controlling : HRM perform this function to take corrective action if the activities of firmare not according to planned way (Boon and, 2018). This function is related tocontrolling deviation by comparing the actual result with standards to take correctiveaction to achieve target of firm.Other functionsRecruitment and selection: Recruitment is Human resource management is a process ofhiring qualified candidate for a particular job position. Recruitment process involvesproper planning in order to attract potential candidate for performing various activities ofSainbury. HRM assistant of Sainsbury perform this function in order to attract qualifiespersonnel's for the job. Selection involves screening of candidate in order to choose rightcandidate for right job.Training and development : Human resource management perform this function inorder to improve the knowledge and skills of its employee. Training and developmentfunction of human resource management is concern with providing proper training anddevelopment program for increasing employee's knowledge to improve their efficiencylevel for maximising productivity of firm (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Training anddevelopment is provided to employees in order to identify their weak points forimproving them.HRM Assistant of Sainsbury perform this function in order to attract humanresources for performing various activities of organisation. HRM assistant perform this functionto formulated various planning and for recruitment and selection of Highly qualified personnelsto maximise the productivity of organisation. This function of HRM performed by HRMassistant of Sainbury will provide employees knowledge and skills to improve their performancelevel to achieve the objectives of organisation. This function assist in providing employees withvarious knowledge regarding tools and techniques used for performing different activities,various knowledge regarding culture of organisation etc.2. strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection for theSainsburyThere are various recruitment approaches which are used will help the firm to improvethe workforce and thus will lead the organisation to enhance the quality of business activities inmuch suitable and significant manner. The various recruitment processes that are been taken in3
consideration by the selected business firm (Purce, 2014). Sainsbury will support in improvingits performance and thus help in effective productivity of the firm. The approaches used byorganisation will assist in improving the quality of products and services. Some majorrecruitment and selection methods that are been taken in the firm are:Internal recruitment process: This involve the proper management of the hiring and therecruitment process that is been taken in consideration by the firm. This process is been taken inconsideration that will help the organisation to enhance the quality of products and operationsthat helps the firm to improve the business operations in a very effective way. A wide variety ofmeasures are been involved in the internal recruitment process that will help the organisation tohire the best candidate for the job. Some major approaches of internal recruitment process are asfollows:Employee referral: This is the process where and existing employee refers the candidate for thejob vacancy. This is a cost effective measure that is been taken in consideration by the firm toimprove the recruitment process.merits of the recruitment process: This is the most cost effective measure of the recruitment process that is been carried outto get the suitable candidate for a job role.It helps the firm to save time and resources that will be spent on the hiring process a tSainsbury.demerits of the recruitment process:The major weakness of this recruitment process is that it is susceptible to lack of surety aboutthe effectiveness and skill set of the candidate that is been referred (Gupta and Shaw, 2014).External recruitment process: This is the process which is been followed by the firm in orderto have the good accessibility to have a good management of the recruitment policy that hasimpacted the placement and hiring process within the firm. This is the major way of hiring by thefirm as it helps the enterprise to get the suitable employee or workforce for carrying out theirretail business related operations in much effective and efficient manner. It involves thefollowing recruitment and hiring process:4

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