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INTRODUCTIONHuman resource management is the systematic procedure of effectively managing thehuman capital of an organisation(Johnson and Szamosi, 2018). The HR department of thecompany is responsible for formulating, implementing and monitoring the polices which governsthe workforce. It acts as a mediator between the company and its workforces. The present projectreport is about the scope and purpose of HRM in Unilever which is a transnational consumergoods organisation based in London, United Kingdom. The study will include the roles andresponsibilities functions of HR, different approaches of workforce planning, recruitment &selection, development & training, performance management and reward systems. Further, it willcover the effectiveness of employee engagement and employee relations. Lastly, the report willhighlight the areas of employment legislation and a detailed example of recruitment andselection process and the reason for conducting appropriate HR activities.MAIN BODY1. Overview of the company`Unilever is a Dutch- British business entity which is a transnational consumer goodsorganisation headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Rotterdam. It is publiccompany and is listed on LSE, NYSE, FTSE 100 Component, TTSE. It was founded in 1929.The product range involves beauty care, food, refreshments, beverages, cleaning products. Thecompany has a strong human capital and has 155000 employees. The company is headed byMarijn Dekkers, the chairman and Alan Jope, the CEO of the organisation.2. Purpose of HR function and roles & responsibilities of the HR functionsThe purpose of HR function in the Unilever company is to manage the different needs ofthe employees and to formulate the workforce strategies in a such a way that reflects optimumlevel of coordination in the organizational objectives and employees' personal objectives(Leroyand, 2018). The aim of HR department in the company is to formulate, advise and executethe workforce policies and aims to develop a way to keep the employees and managers happy forthe attainment of organizational goals and objectives.Roles and responsibilities of HR functionThere are different roles and responsibilities of HR in Unilever which are discussedbelow:1
Illustration1: Functions of HEM(Source :Human Resource Management,2019)Recruitment & Selection: This is one of the foremost and major responsibility of HRfunction to determine the need of workforce in the organisation and find the suitable candidates.The objective of recruitment and selection process is to put the right people at the right job. Itinvolves sub two responsibilities :Attracting the desired candidatesHiring themTraining & Development: It is the responsibility of the HR department of Unilever toprovide training to its employees for meeting the dynamic requirements of the business. The HRfunction of the company has to also make sure that employees gets development opportunitieswhere they can learn, grow and develop themselves for the higher positions. Such training anddevelopment is required as it helps in retaining the employees and is also acts as motivatingfactor.Appraisals: The HR function of Unilever is expected to carry out the performanceappraisals on time. Appraising the performance assist the company in motivating its employees2
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