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Human Resource Management: Research Paper

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Running Head: Human Resource ManagementHUMAN RESOURCEMANAGEMENT[Document subtitle]
Human Resource Management1IntroductionIn this paper, two research papers are analyzed critically to understand the role of humanresource management in making effective organization performance. Both papers are written byTung-Chun Hung who was a professor in Institute of Human Resource Management, Chun-LiCity, Taiwan. Generally, Human resource management is known as the management of humanresources. On the other hand, it is a significant function which is required in every organization.Mainly, it is designed to maximize the performance of employees in services of an employer'sstrategic objectives. This importance of Human resource management concludes that humanresource management is core function in improving the performance of an organization. Firstchosen academic paper describes the effects of linkage between human resource managementstrategies and business. On the other hand, second chosen paper describes the strategic humanresource management relationship with the performance of an organization. Both papers give asignificant understanding of the role of Human resource management in the performance of theorganization.Role of Human Resource Management in effective OrganizationperformanceIn the first paper, Tung-Chun concludes that Human resource management strategy is effectivebecause it provides a means with which the business organizations can successfully gaincompetitive advantage and improves their managerial efficiency. Such managerial efficiency andcompetitive advantage improve their working style which ultimately improves performances oforganizations and their market reputation. On the other hand, second paper of Tung Chundescribes that due to fast environmental changes, competition and demand of consumers also
Human Resource Management2changes. In this situation, satisfy a large number of customers become a challenge for theorganizations. He said that only human resource management is such factor which bringsorganizational efficiency in performance and product or services of an organization( This organization efficiency enables them to satisfy a large number of customers by offeringproducts and services as per their taste and preferences. It also said that human resourcemanagement strategies reduce engaged costs, enhance the quality of products and servicesoffering, and also differentiation products and services of an organization from other. All suchthings improve organization performance in a significant manner.In addition, the first paper gives more strategic opinion than the second paper. It is because itstudied in depth concept of human resource management to link it with the performance of theorganization. Furthermore, the first paper defines that an organization can improve itsperformance by nurture the type of its employee behavior because that is essential for the successof their competitive strategy. It also concludes that HRM strategy creates a workforce that fulfillsthe needs of competitive business strategy so that they can achieve their organizational missionand goals in the desired manner. Thus, it can be said that way and human resource managementstyle enables a business organization to utilize its assets fully and improve its performance andmarket reputation. On the other hand, the other paper define that organization performance ishighly affected by a set of different human resource management practices (Armstrong, 2014).This explanation of the paper proved under the certain empirical evidence. Thus, it can be saidthat statements given by both papers are good. The second paper explanation looks like a debatewhere HRM and its link with organization performance are defined (Huang). On the other hand,the first paper looks like a contingency theory of management. This theory is used here to define
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