Human Resource Management (HRM) Issues Assignment

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Human Resource Mangement CW 1GUIDANCESome guidance to help you obtain the very best markDon’t forget that throughout your work, if you make use of evidence fromany source, you must have a CITATION at the point where the material isused- for example ‘(Steve, 2011)’.Section 1: Your chosen context:Select, as a context for your assignment, an organisation or sector relevant to your specialism (Travel/ Tourism/ AviationManagement).This can be just a few words long. For example, depending on your course, it might beReception work in a hotel, or cabin crew roles, or baggage handling, or the marketing office of atravel company, or the driver/guide role on a coach holiday- indeed any context.Section 2: Your chosen issue:Set out an HRM issue in the context you have selected, which is significant in terms of implications for fairness, equality anddiscrimination.Again this can be very brief. You simply state what the issue is. The chosen issue can coveranythingwhich impacts fairness, equality, discrimination. In the contexts above, it might be (forexample) harassment of reception staff by a supervisor; organising shift patterns in cabin crew;arrangements for breaks and absence cover for baggage handlers; inappropriate dealing with amaternity issue in the marketing office; bullying of drivers by passengers on a coach holiday.You just need to be sure that:1.It concerns the industry2.It is an issue in terms of fairness, equality, discrimination3.You can find evidence about it, you can justify this as an issue, and you are able to give goodideas to suggest improvements.Section 3: Justification of your choice of issue: (sections 1-3 count for 20% of the mark)Justify your claim that this is a particularly significant issue in this context.Here you argue that it is a significant topic to consider. Your argument will use evidence, andyour own reasoning and concepts of fairness.The main point here is that you establish that there is something which needs to be put right/done better, and that people are being impacted by this.Often students give one or more example cases here to show that it is a real issue.V1 2016/7
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