Human Resource Matrix Assignment

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Running head:HUMAN RESOURCE MATRIXHuman Resource MatrixName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2HUMAN RESOURCE MATRIXWay through which the HR functions can add value to the organizational growthThe HR team aims to indulge themselves in enhancing the employee engagement.Starbucks has incorporated some effective training and recruiting program for their employees.Use of HR strategies and metrics are crucial to bring success in the organization and facilitatechange (Rees & Smith, 2017). In Starbucks the employees are trained with dignity and respectand the HR team leads to the employees to feel that they are the bigger part of the organizationalmission. In order to analyze the organizational outcomes in a better manner Starbucks focuses onthe systematic thinking approach. Systematic thinking helps the organization to incorporate freshidea in the system. This strategy is helpful to improve the learning process of the employees andto create strategy to solve the problem and taking decision based in the situation. Thisorganization adopts sustainability from its infancy. They have adopted new marketing strategyby the development o third place, which acts as an intermediary between the work and home forthe employees. The HR team of this organization gives their attention towards the humanresources as they believe that their employees are the key of their success. Starbucks offershealth benefits to their partners. The HR of the Starbucks is capable to motivate the employeesproperly. The HR provides attention towards the recruitment process in order to select the rightpeople who have the ability to add value in the sustainability of the organization (Cohen, 2015).HR of the Starbucks has organized a cup fund program for their employees to give themfinancial support along with their total pay package. Financial assistance is a good motivationaltechnique in an organization (Jackson, Schuler & Jiang, 2014). HR team of Starbucks focuses onthe resource mobilization, which satisfies their customers and motivational technique of the HRis helpful to encourage the employees. Starbucks maintains a balance between the socialconscience and factors of the profitability. This helps Starbucks to enhance their organizational
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