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INTRODCTIONHuman resource plan can be defined as the an organized evaluation of the humanresources for staff members of an organization. It assures the presence of employees withrequisite skills and knowledge at workplace. However, the human resource plan must carry theobjective behind the preparation of such plan. In order to gain better understanding of thesubject, Audi has been taken into consideration. The cited firm is one of the renownedorganization of automotive industry. The present report is going to include human resource planwhich further consist ofwill analyse the compensation plan, training plan and orientation plan ofthe stated venture. Whereas, compensation plan is prepared with the motive to analyse thecomponents and purpose due to which an employee receives incentives, salaries and bonuses. Inaddition to it, training plan depicts the whole structure of training through which the humanresource development needs of the company can be evaluated. The considered document isprepared with the purpose to enlighten the human resource plan in order to attain organizationalmotives (Drucker, 2014). OBJECTIVES The objective of preparing this plan is to bring improvement in the process of humanresource management process like by enhancing measures such as training and development,termination reward management, orientation and recruitment. The purpose of this plan is toimprove training and development process at Audi. In addition to it, to reconstruction of exitprocess for better human resource standards will . also be analysed in the evaluation in oredr toattain effective and well developed business results. On other hand, this plan is prepared toinvest more on data base system in order to bring improvement in human resource practices inthe company. To remain successful the cited firm needs to set out new standards in rewards andincentives scheme. With the adoption of this process, the firm will be able to improve itsoperations and effective management can be done (Beckett and, 2013).SWOT ANALYSISStrengths Positive brand images of the companyWeaknessesThe cost of maintenance and handling1
Huge portfolio of the company withavailability of cars both in diesel andpetrol.Elegant looks of the cars with attractiveinteriors and exteriorsLarge number of employeesapproximately 50,000 around theworld.Effective human resource policies ofthe very high.The recruitment process of thecompany is very slow or timeconsuming.Opportunities Expansion in automotive market Its skilled and talented employeesThreatsHike in fuel costsCompetitors like BMW, Volkswagenand Mercedes Benz.Time consuming recruitment processCOMPENSATION PLANCompensation plan is a strategic plan which is formulated with a purpose of evaluatingall the components through which the compensation it is paid and for what motive the humanresource of the company gets bonus, salary and incentives. With the formulation of this plan, themanagement of Audi will be able to determine the requisite amount to be paid to the staff on thebasis of their skills and qualities. This will result the cited company to compete in the market andrecruit the best candidate in the company. However, this plan has certain benefits which willremain helpful for the cited organization. The same are stated below (Colbert, Barrick andBradley, 2014). Attracting quality employees: The effective strategic compensation plan of the company willremain be helpful toin attracting talented employees. If the management of Audi offers goodwages and salaries to the employees then the company demand to have expertise workers withgood knowledge and skills. By recruiting qualified workers, the firm will be able to improve itsproductivity and customer services interactions. As a result, the sated company will be able togenerate excellent revenue and can grow and expand effectively (Hahm, Jung and Moon, 2013).2

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