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Functions of Human Resource Planning Assignment

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1HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNINGEXECUTIVE SUMMARYHuman Resource Management is very important for the survival and prosperity of anorganization. Procurement of right kind and right number of employees is the first operativefunction of Human Resource Management. Before selecting the right man for the right job, itbecomes necessary to determine the quality and quantity of people required in the organization.This is the primary function of Human Resource Planning. It is the planning of HumanResources. It is also called manpower planning/ personnel planning/ employment planning. It isonly after Human Resource Planning that the Human Resource department can initiate therecruitment and selection process. Therefore Human Resource Planning is a sub-system oforganizational planning. In this report, we have discussed the impact of environmental scanningon HR Planning of Leon’s Furniture. Various models of demand and supply forecasting arediscussed. Furthermore, gap and budget analysis along with recommendations are discussed inthe later sections of this report.
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2HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNINGCompany background, business & HR strategyAbout Leon’s furnitureAmong the top names of Furniture companies in Canada, Leon’s Furniture was incorporated in1909 by Ablan Leon which started its business into blankets, linens, shoes and pants and othersoft category goods and now is a global leader into World class furniture dealer, appliances withlatest technology and many more. Leon’s Furniture is marketing the electronics, appliances andfurniture of middle range. The Business strategy of Leon’s Furniture includes expanding itsbusiness across globe, providing quality products with less cost incurring and achieving the goalsand objectives of organization. As the organization collects the data about matters whichspecifically relates to supply and demand of workforce and also abilities, skills and knowledgewhich is required to plan for current needs of workforce (Azizi, Majid, et al., 2016).Internal and External Factors to Forecast Key Group As it was discussed in business strategy, as Leon's furniture decided to expand its business onglobal basis they are doing succession planning to infuse manpower for successful achievementof their organizational goals. Forecasting of demand for human resources depends on certainfactors such as:Employment trend in the organization for at least last five years to be tracedto determine the future needs.Organization has to find out the replacement needs due to retirement, death, resignation,termination etc.
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