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Human Resource Planning Staffing: Paper

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Running Head: Human Resource PlanningSTAFFINGNameSubmitted ToDate
IntroductionIn this current paper, a discussion is made here regarding the manner in which efficient policy ofscreening must be adopted for hiring a position for a department manager in the Tanglewoodstore. The current paper discusses the case, where the process of assessing selection methodinitiated by Marilyn Gonzalez is not only limited to store associates, but it also coversdepartment managers, assistant store managers, and store managers. The controversy related tothe selection methods is that they seem to be adequately fit for hiring entry level employees, butnot ideally fit for hiring the position for the department managers. After analyzing the case, aconclusion is drawn that there is a dire need to develop an efficient selection plan and astructured interview for the Department Manager position.Question 1. Develop a detailed selection plan for the position of a department manager todetermine the most important KSAOs for this position.Answer – A detailed selection plan for the position of a department manager involves adoptingrigorous methods of employment testing and comprehensive staffing model to aid in the desiredselection process (Gatewood et al., 2015). The rigorous methods of employment testing andcomprehensive staffing model provide the most important ways to determine the most importantKSAOs for this position. KSAO is an abbreviated form of Knowledge, Skills & Abilities, and isalso referred to as Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics (KSAOs). These areattributes required for selecting and identifying the best-qualified candidate for certain vacancies.To qualify for a position, an individual must meet two types of factors such as Selective Factorsand Quality Ranking Factors (Sanghi, 2016).
The detailed selection plan involving employment testing and comprehensive staffing model atthis moment analyzes the in-depth competencies of department manager in Problem Solving andAnalytical Ability; Planning and Organizing; Decisiveness; Judgment; Communication Skill;Interpersonal Skill; Direction and Motivation; Supervisory Role Performance; SpecialtyCompetence; Organizational Knowledge; and Leadership. The selection plan enables todetermine KSAOs while conducting an interview for the department manager by enabling theHR or any authoritative person to be in a good position to decide the best-qualified applicant fortargeted positions (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).Problem Solving and Analytical Ability – It evaluates the applicant's ability to identify possiblecauses of the problems, and based on that determine the best-qualified applicant for a position.Planning and Organizing – It evaluates the applicant's ability to identify his/her course of actionwhile dealing with evaluating criteria and tracking systems for monitoring goal progress andaccomplishment.Decisiveness - It evaluates the decision-making ability of an applicant involving how an actionon difficult or unpleasant tasks must proceed in a timely fashion.Judgment - It evaluates the applicant’s ability to develop and evaluate substitutive courses ofaction that requires making decisions based on correct assumptions concerning resources andguidelines.Communication Skill - It evaluates the applicant’s ability onto which manner he/she presents andexpresses ideas and information effectively and concisely in an oral and/or written mode to thetarget audience (Putta, 2014).
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