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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCEHuman resourceName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
2HUMAN RESOURCEHuman resource process is essentially important process that should be followed byevery organization. Maximo is one of the leading companies in the gaming industry. Theyhave gained a lot of success in the past years and they have they have the opportunity to gainother titles in the series. This can be done with the application of the proper human resourceprocess and the structured and flexible process of recruiting labor. The essay concentrates onthe fact that proper planned human resource process is required in the company in order todevelop the position in the market. The essay further focuses on the pitfalls the company hasand the process of improving the loopholes.The Maximo Company adopted few good HR processes that developed their positionin the market. The company adopted the strategy to employ more talented employee. Theyplanned to tie up their partnership with the leading universities so that they could attract thebest talent. Further they also adopted the strategy to increase the efficiency of the employeesand reduce the cost. In order to do so they acquired the company that had provided the 3Deffect and the graphical works and services. Apart from this the company has taken initiativeto increase the number of employees in the company. The availability of the essential skillswas made available to the learning force. This helped them to produce quality work andincrease their productivity. The company was able to make a secure position in the gamemarket through the application of such policies (Martínez-Jurado et al. 2014).The company had many loopholes in their approach. They provided technical skills tothe employees but providing only technical skills was not enough. Apart from the technicalskills providing motivational training was of extreme importance. It would make the workenvironment better and would motivate the workers to work more. Providing rewards andranks system would enhance the performance of the employees. Providing knowledge onlyabout the technical things but also of the motivation related to the employee performanceshould be adopted. Apart from this the company can use the social media sites to recruit more
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