Function of Human Resource Management Assignment Solved

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Human resources function
IntroductionHuman resource function refers to a process where group of people according to therebusiness size handles a range of different function with in an organisation. Where HRdepartment hires and fires employees according to there performances and train them developstheir skills set and maintain inter office relationships with employees and organisation to achieveone individuals goals of business.
1.Provide a brief business justification for managing HR in a professional,ethical and just mannerManaging practices in HR by a profession in ethical and just manner should be in comprehensiveof expansive principles, not dominating best practice. As a result, the agreeable needs of theprofession should be offer a vital structure for situational judgment that perform better than thepast improvements to approaches and resultant to performance. For this situation, all these doneby an expert, ethical and just manner. Through the proficient data base and ethical skills,principled practices should be done in a fair way. This is a type for Human resource that inbusiness professionals and leaders could set resources into as promises and also set them for longterm organizational survival.1.2 Explain how these have evolved/are evolving in contemporary organizations.Evolvement of HR functionEvery day, new arrival of new technologies emerge and from this new applications bornand new plans and new capabilities are required in the business. Now users have more and morenumber as an option more than they've ever had before. HR professionals role has now changesin the modern HR and the dependence is now on the human capital management, which is usedas greatest resource to put in the appropriate plans in place to accomplish HR function maturityand systematization of best-rehearses long term growth. The first evolve of the HR functionbeing a main management as strategic partner. Rather than traditional practice where it wasworking as operational work and routine as (personnel management), in modern practice , it iscomprehended strategy for the organization operations. For example, as used in the past whereHR function operated Through vague past HR improvement application, the modern applicationsis that they focused on competency recruitment, compensation, employee benefits, employeedata, payroll, time and attendance employees development for work, enhancing communicationand upgrading skills, Where in the past interaction between employees and superior wasphysical, in modern HR has created and developed tools and programs such as ERP's , employeeportals for communication, strengthening self -services , learning systems for training anddevelopment programmes and employee databases. The modern HR function is progressively
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