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Human Resourse Management Functional Activities PDF

Added on - 09 Dec 2020

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IntroductionRicky W. Griffin:Human Resource Managementis the set of organizational activitiesdirected at attracting, developing and maintaining an effective workforce.”Human recourse management is one of the most valuable part of each origination, theyare responsible for recruitments, trainings and dealing with staff issues like differenttypes of leave and absence management procedure in general. In small size originationthey play big part in the growth of the business by recruiting and training the rightpeople and keep the staff happy.Chocolate Presence is a successful business but there is lack of high trained andcommitted staff which led to customers dissatisfaction lately due to the quality of theproducts being low.This report will cover the importance of HRM for the growth of small factories likeChocolate Presence and improving its selection and jobs advertisements methods.The report also includes the way Microsoft encourages personal growth and theirapproach in engaging staff in decisions making and give them the freedom to becreative which help in improve staff relations and the sense of belongings to thecompany .The functional activities of HRMTraining:The factory must provide all employee with relevant training for their roles toimprove their performance and productivity, specific training to employee in productionand customer service team to meet the high demand and deliver the highest possiblestandard.Assessing Performance:Monthly 1-1 and annual performance reviews are valuabletools in assessing staff performance and have their say in the way the job can beimproved.Motivation:Motivating staff by giving them credit when credit is due and thanks them in teammeeting for their effort and hardworking and of course giving them bonus and otherbenefits.Having staff get together and day outs can improve staff and management relations andkeep the positive mood in the work place.
Reward and benefits:Giving the staff in work benefits like hardship loans and annual tickets loans and leisurecanters memberships can improve their performance and make them have sense ofbelongings to the factory.Compliance to labor Laws:Compliance with the labor law is very critical for HR to avoid any penalties or complaintsfrom staff. HR must be aware of different employment laws and other rules andregulations and must understands different cultures and religions. HR must deal withcomplaint from staff fairly and quickly to avoid any disturbance to the work.HR must also make sure staff are aware of their rights in terms of annual leave andsickness entitlement and all related health and safety rulesHealth and Safety:Under the Health and Safety at work act 1974 Employers have the obligation to providea safe working environment and Health and safety training to avoid work injuries,organizing team talk tools and health and safety courses refreshers can be benefitableMaintaining employee relations:To have good employee relations the factory must:ask for their input and give the chance to be creative by using their own initiativesCommunicate the company vision and make them feel as a part of the processRecognize their hard work in formal meeting like 1-1 and performance reviews and on aday to day by saying well doneOffer them development opportunity so they can go up the ladderSelection of candidates:The various recruitment and selection methods which has been undertaken by'Chocolate Presence' are mentioned below along with their strengths and weaknesses.Assessment Tests: it can be considered as one of the most sought afterapproach undertaken to hire talent people for the organisation. 'Chocolate Presence'have formed their own assessment tests emphasizing on Mathematics and English. Thepassing criteria for this assessment is scoring more than 50% in both the tests.
The major advantage which has been offered by this approach to recruitment isthat it helps in elimination of personal bias from recruitment process resulting in hiringmost suitable candidate. This process helps in enhancing the efficiency of recruitmentprocess as it eliminates unnecessary time and expenditure on a candidate who doesn'tfit organisational requirements.On the contrary, These tests are not sufficient to identify roundabout competenceof the candidate as they only emphasize on English and Maths. This approach poses asa major obstacle to building of diverse teams in the organisation. The manualassessment of tests undertaken will directly increase waiting time for the results.Interview: Interviews are referred to a face-to-face communication between twoparties mainly carried out to obtain information. In 'Chocolate Presence' interview isconsidered as approach to final recruitment of employee with the organisation. Theinterview consists of a formal chat with a candidate for around 15 minutes.The strength of this approach to selection is that it is helpful in getting a detailedinformation relating to candidate. Interviews can be flexible and can be modifiedaccording to the situation and requirements. The response rate achieved in interviews isgenerally higher than that of assessment tests.However there are some shortcoming of this approach to selection such as it is avery time consuming process and requires complete attention. There is a possibility ofbiases in this approach which may not result in hiring suitable candidate for theorganisation. Interviews does not carry any verbal record which may later results intosome confusion.In order to improve the selection process Chocolate Presence must use the followingselection methods.Effective Job ads:Clear job descriptions to provide specific details about the role and define the positionand choosing straight forward job title to make it easier for candidates to understandwhat is expecting from them before they apply.Language use in job advertisement:Avoid using discriminatory language like young and energetic.Advertisements on an external noticeboard outside the factory and local newspaper soonly people who are very interested in the job can apply.English and Math tests:Math test must be scrapped away because it's not a requirement for the role, but theknowledge of English is essential.Short listing through CV with previous experience giving the priority
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