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Human Rights Violation- Article Review

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Table of Contents“Need of a government body in order to maintain Human rights ” ...............................................4“Case of Mc Ghee vs National Coal Board (1973) House of Lords”..................................................6
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INTRODUCTION In this article review we will read about the need of a government designed body in order toregulate the check on human rights violation . The first part of this review consist of few basic rightof a human being that has been violated commonly across the globe and various rules and bodies inagainst to the violation of these rights. This also includes the main work that has to be done bythem. In the other half of this article we would read about the case of Mc Ghee in which he hasfaced the violation of right to just and favourable conditions of work and he has sued the companyand proved his point of view in the court.“Need of a government body in order to maintain Human rights ” Human rights are the rights which inherent to all human beings, regardless to gender,nationality, place where they live, gender, colour and other categorization. As a result these rightsare non discriminatory which means that they belong to everyone entitled to them and cannot beexcluded from them. While all human beings are entitled to human rights not everyone experiencethe equality throughout the world (Johnson, K., Scott, J., Rughita, B., Kisielewski, M., Asher, J.,Ong, R. and Lawry, L., 2010). Many government and individuals ignore human rights and in anunaccepted manner exploit human beings.There are a variety of human rights that include:-Civil rights are those rights of a citizen to political and social freedom and equality.According to this right every human being has the right to be treated equally but this right ismostly violated in almost all the countries depending upon a person's cast, creed, skin colourand his living standard . The biggest example of violation of these rights are slavery ofhuman being . South Africa is a country where people have black skin due to theenvironmental factors but they have faced colour discrimination in most of the othercountries . In order to give them equal rights government officials have changed their lawsso that African people would have equality in their country.The right to life is a part of human rights which state that every individual has the right tolive . This right can not be violated in any circumstances but The biggest example ofviolation of this right is girl child death at the time of their birth(Dembour, M.B., 2010).Most of the parents want to have a boy child so that they could have a successor for theirfamily and their religion . In order to reduce the impact of violation of these rights variousNGOs have started with a message of “save the girl child”.The right not to be subjected to torture or any other inhuman activities according to this acta human being must not do or tolerate any inhuman activities or any kind of torture but this
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