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I am a Program Manager for Training. The crucial aspect of Operations Management cannot benegated. Every aspect of Operations Management is being part of my routine work. While I trainyoung professionals on the various elements that are crucial to the organization, it is imperativethat the trainees are being imparted the curriculum in a perfect manner and their expertise in thetraining and learning the concepts would make them adept as they respond to the customer calls.The customers for the IT major call from across the globe and share their concerns. The traineeswho would graduate into Technical Supervisors need to be prepared with greater efficiency inhandling the concerns and resolving the same. The Turn Around Time (TAT) is a crucialcomponent. With the business relying to a greater extent on the customers and their experience,it is significant that the processes and the sub processes as part of the trouble shooting call arebeing well taken care of and this would aid in enhancing business growth too.
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