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I. Revenue1. Expected revenue from accommodation serviceWith:DT:Expected revenuep: Expected average room priceQ: Expected room quantity (315 rooms)CSSDP: Expected average room occupancy ratet: Expected operational time (365 days)1.1. Average room rateNoRoom TypesPrice per night (Tax excluded)(USD)1Standard$149,002Deluxe$179,003Premium$239,00DT = p x Q x CSSDP xt
4Junior Suite$299,005Executive Suite$399,006Presidential Suite$2.999,00Averageroomprice$203,441.2. Expected revenue from accommodation serviceYearExpectedoccupancy rateTotalrevenue202835%$8.186.856,96202940%$9.356.407,96203045%$10.525.958,95203148%$11.227.689,55203250%$11.695.509,95
2. Expected revenue from Food & Beverage serviceD: Expected food&beverage service revenueDT: Expected average revenue of a meal per one guest turnQ: Total numbers of seats in restaurants (70 seats/finedining restaurant; 400 seats/buffet restaurant)HSSDCN: Expected average seat occupancy rateM: Total numbers of meal (3 meals/buffet restaurant, 1 meal/finedining restaurant)t: Expected operational time (365 days)2.1.Revenue fromBuffetrestaurant (400 seats)Meal cost:- Breakfast: $49- Lunch: $79- Dinner: $99YearExpected seatoccupancy rateTotal Revenue202835%$ 11.599.700,00202940%$ 13.256.800,00D = DT x Q x HSSDCN x M x t
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