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IBM 120 – Fall 2020Products & Services for Global MarketsAssignment # 2Tencel CaseDate: 09/11/2020Full Name: Swati BaliStudent # 0765724Submitted To: Dr. Eduardo M. V. Jasson
Tencel case studyEXECUTIVE SUMMARYTENCEL is a new fibre which is very smooth, soft and light in weight. People purchase this fibrebecause it is easy to wash as well as it is perfect for wearing specially in summer and spring. Itois made from wood pulp and by using the machinery, pulp is changed into smooth fibre whichis named as TENCEL. It developed from a small silk weaving business in England in 1816. TENCELis courtaulds brand name for a fibre known as lyocell. Courtaulds also makes polymer productssuch as tooth paste tubes, medical applicators etcetera. It is biodegradable and has no badeffect on environment or does not pollute the environment. TENCEL is available at reasonablecost to the customers and its demand in the market is very high.Moreover, TENCEL touch feels like extraordinarily softer and smoother and by this reason this isused in many fashion industries. TENCEL will also come in future with affordable prices which iseasily purchased by every customer. TENCEL will be introduced in new market like hospitalgowns for patients and child clothing because of its softness.INTRODUCTIONTENCEL is the first man-made fibre that played an important role in the textile and non-woven industryand it is highly used by manufacturers. Products of this fibre are not just developed to fulfill a singleneed. After cotton TENCEL is the first fibre that has been used to create Denim. It provides tangibleadvantages for both spinners and weavers by the way of garment manufacturers, designers andcustomers. TENCEL is also used to make fabrics which are new for fashion industry and used by fashiondesigners for making new dresses of this fibre. TENCEL garments have long durability even after washingand wearing it many times. It is capable of satisfying all field requirements. Overall, it is a unique fibrethat can be used in various field to fulfill the needs of manufacturer, supplier and customer.
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