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Iceland foods ltdPrima tech Promotional Materials
IntroductionThe Iceland foods ltd is a supermarket chain of British which emphasise on the sale of frozenfoods. The company lies in the retail industry. The company provides frozen foods such as meatsand vegetables, and groceries. The share of the company in the UK food market is 1.8%. Thecompany started its business in 1969, and the first store is opened in Leg Street, Shropshire,Oswestry, England with the investing partner Peter Hinchcliffe who has invested £59 for the rentof one month (Iceland et al., 2016).Brick operationThe company has the physical presence in the United Kingdom. The company provides companyprovides its services to more than eight hundred stores. The company provides various foodfrozen items at the stores. The company operates its brick operations in all the stores in theUnited Kingdom.Click operationThe company also provides its frozen food and groceries food through online mode whichenables to provide its products within the United Kingdom. The company has website andmobile phone app in order to provide service through click button service as well. It helps toprovide the services to the wide range of customers who are not able to come at the stores. Theonline services of the company are operated through website and apps.Balancing of click operation over brick operationThe company is providing both bricks and click services to the customers in order to give highquality of services to the customers. The company is balancing operations of both brick and click
which is necessary in order to operate in an effective manner. The company is providing similarfrozen food and groceries through brick and click operations. The operations of virtual andphysical presence are very necessary in order to promote the brand in the eyes of the customers.The increase in the trend of online service adds competitive advantage by providing the productand services through mobile apps and websites which offer the similar experience as they receivein the stores (Baudino et al., 2015). But the trend of online services could be the ongoingdisruption for the traditional offline services of the company. So the company is balancing boththe operations in order to provide convenience to its customers.TechnologiesBrochure-1The company is using various hardware and software technologies in order to provide excellentservices to its customers. The technologies used by the company include web servers, webauthorising tools, database systems, server software, and browser. The web server enables toprovide a webpage to the customers who help to provide online services to the customers. Theweb server acts as a communicator between the company and client in order to deliverinformation on the company and services to the customers (Stern et al., 2015). The company isusing the web browser which is a software application used by the company for traversing,presenting and retrieving information on the World Wide Web. The database system is used torecord the data in order analyse the data for improving the level of customer satisfaction byamending the services. The server software is used by the company which provides variousfunctionalities which include sharing of data, providing online service to the customers andothers. The company is also using web authorization tools for presenting the web pages.
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