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ICTSAS601 AssessmentsAssessment 1 – Knowledge Assessment (Written Tasks)Q1. What are the key change management principles in ICT (information and communicationtechnology) management? And how they can be adopted in practice?Answer:-Change Management :- Change Management is process of managing or controlling thelifecycle of all changes. The main objective for change management is enabling theadvantages with minimum disruption to IT services and the company business. Key change management principles: - Design change management approach needs to be followed.Identify with need to implement change management.Coordinating with project management team.Understand the requirement of change management. Proper communication need to be maintain and updated the same with other in orderto adapt change with others.Visibility of upper level management to provide clear communication withemployees.Every corporate should adopt the above approach, As it is not to easy adapt the change, if the clearcommunication should be arrange by upper management and tell the requirement of change.Change process model is a way of predefining the process that should be taken to handle a process. Support tool uses by company to managing the required process. This will ensure that all changes aremanage in a predefined path and to predefined timescales.1.Create a Change (RFC –request for change or support ticket)2.Record the RFC & Review RFC.3.Assess & evaluate the change process.4.Approval.5.Plan updates6.Scheduled.1

ICTSAS601 Assessments7.Co-ordinates changes.8.Reviewandclose(afterimplement).Q2. How can you record the key functions of a system that is already in place in yourorganisation? What will be the steps to compare this system with an alternate system(s)available in the market? How can you compare and contrast the key functions and features ofdifferentITsystems?Answer: -CRM System :- CRM any Application to help an organisation with interact with companyflow, interaction with customers, suppliers, or prospects via one or more touch points likecall-center,salesperson,store,branchoffice,Functionality of available CRM :-1.Tracking.2.Reporting.3.Marketing.4.Service.5.Prospect.Functionality require for New CRM tool: - 1.Availability.2.Cloud based.3.Centrally accessible. 4.Fault Tolerant. 5.Robust. key functions and features of different IT systems: -1.Vision – Business objective or customer requirement.2.Differentiate 3.Technology – Data requirement4.Metrics - Metrics and goals must be established up front.5.Monitor6.Know your customer – Identify the who is your customer, Behavioural and functionality (Hint: Lets consider a CRM system, if your organization already has a CRM system, youwould first be checking is functionality and features, you will then assess if there are anygaps in business requirements and your CRM software features. If there are gaps, then youneed find a competitive product that can fulfil your needs. You will be required to compareall or selected products from feature to feature)2

ICTSAS601 AssessmentsQ3. What is the purpose of internet? What is the purpose of internetworking? How are theydifferent? What is internet and internetworking architecture? Explain with examples. Answer: - Internet & Internet purpose: - Internet create a network of computers, which linksdifferent types of computers all over the world. Purpose of internet are - Email ( people senda message via email services provide by different organisation ), social networking ( multiplepeople connect and interact like Facebook , twitter, Instagram or with multiple social sites) ,communication ( create own account provide by different organisation and chat with differentpeoples , send files , pics, videos and other data as per requirement) , career development( Many websites publish on internet help student or in planning for career development andfurthering their career), Education , Research ( gathering the information , analysing andsharing the information) News ( easily to get all updated news, related to every field).Intranet & Intranet purpose :- in Intranet combination of two or more computer connecttogetherand share information and communication in a local network. Intranet services provide bydifferent companies like tata, airtel. Intranet network used with in a organisation. Intranet network used by approved users only, space is limited but faster than internet.Intranet purpose is run organisation application and provide services to limited users. Internet&IntranetArchitecture:-Internet Architecture –IntranetArchitecture-3

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