ICTWEB429: Create Markup Language Document

Added on - Mar 2020

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QUESTIONSICTWEB429 Create a markup language document to specificationAssessment 1 – Short answer questionStudent’s nameName of the Institute
QUESTIONSQuestions1.Mention the names of 3 (three) web browsers that are freely available on theInternet. Describe the method you would employ to acquire and install another internetbrowser on your computer.There are various browsers available freely on Internet. The three browsers widely usedare:i.Google Chromeii.Internet Exploreriii.Mozilla FirefoxIt is very simple to install a new browser from Internet. The ‘.exe’ file should be downloadedfrom the Internet and the same should be installed (Humphrey, 2016).2.What language is best suited for creating documents for a web site? What does thename stand for?The language best suited to create the document on a web site is HTML. The wordHTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.3.What is the current html version? Where can you find up-to-date information onhtml versions and document type specifications?The current HTML version is HTML 5 that came out in the year 2014. The currentversion is 5.1. The number ‘5’ means major revision and ‘. 1’ means the minor revision. There
QUESTIONSare various places to find the information about latest html versions. The easiest way would besearch on the Internet.4.Write the html code for the following ordered list.a. English<htmllang="en">...</html>b. Geography<html><body><geography ></body></html>c. History<html><body><history ></body></html>
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