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Identifying Resources for Health Promotion Activities

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Added on  2019-09-13

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This article discusses the importance of identifying resources for health promotion activities and the three types of resources - human, technical, and financial. It also provides criteria for selecting appropriate resources and possibilities for obtaining them. The article emphasizes the need for partnerships and fundraising to obtain resources.
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Identify ResourcesThis involves assessing what is needed to carry out the planned activityAndIdentifying what can be supplied from your organization or outside3 kinds of resources: Human (e.g communication skills, empathy, knowledge, experience, etc)Technical (e.g. teaching aids, transport, etc)Financial (funding for staff, equipment, etc)Criteria: Are the resources:Appropriate to the aim (e.g. is the focus on information, or developing decision-making? )Consistent with the approach (e.g. are leafletsuseful for collective approaches?)Relevant to the client group (would Youtube be suitable for elderly in care homes? Would youth read leaflets?)
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