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Database Application to a GUI Application Assignment

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Added on  2019-09-18

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IDS 401Fall 2016Assignment 3Due Friday 11/18/201660 pointsInstructionsDeadlineIn order to receive full credit, this assignment must be submitted by Friday, November 18th at 11:59pm.Submitting your assignment early is recommended, in case problems arise with the submission process.Late submissions will be accepted (but penalized 10pts) up to one week after the submission deadline.After that, assignments will not be accepted.AssignmentConvert your existing console-driven employee database application to a GUI application. Submit yourcode via Blackboard, as a single .java file. Only one upload is permitted per student, so pleaseensure your code is correct and complete and in the proper format before uploading! The file nameshould be your last name, first name, and DatabaseGUI run together:EX: The required functionalities & components are:1.A DatabaseGUI class that extends JFrame, contains a Database object from 3., below, and includes:a.A JTextField for entering user commands with the following formats (user-specified parameters in italics):i."add lastName firstName department id jobCode"ii."modify field matchValue newValue"iii."delete lastName firstName department id jobCode"iv."read field matchValue"v.Each command should be entered as a unit and parsed (for example, using a StringTokenizer with a space character delimiter) – do not separately enter the action and then each individual parameterb.A JTextArea for displaying results or other messages following command processingc.Two JButtons:i.labeled "Load", for loading an Employee array from file "C:/data/IDS401.dat"ii.labeled "Save", for saving an Employee array to file "C:/data/IDS401.dat"2.An Employee class that contains data about individual employeesa.Fields: For this assignment, all Employee fields are private and should only be accessed from outside classes using the appropriate get & set methodsi.Strings: lastName, firstName, departmentii.ints: id, jobCodeb.Methods:i.Set: One “set” method (e.g., setLastName) for each field, which accepts the field’s type as a parameter and sets the field’s value to that parameterii.Get: One “get” method (e.g., getLastName) for each field, with the same return type as the field (e.g, a String for getLastName) and leaves the field unchanged3.A Database class that maintains records of array e of Employee objects, with the initial size set to zeroii.a counter for the current number of Employees in e, initialized to zerob.Methods:
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