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Added on - 16 Mar 2020

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ESSAY2|P a g eAustralia is a multicultural society and it also embraces its diverse population and evenpropagates the same. Each individual is given the right to live in a free manner, as per the drawnrules, and included in this freedom is the freedom of religion. When it particularly comes to theminority communities, they have been granted different minority rights in order them to followtheir culture and religion (Huxley, 2012). However, a public sphere debate with regards to thepolicies of the state, with a specific reference to the religious communities revolves aroundabortion and family planning (Bottoni, Cristofori and Ferrari, 2016). This discussion is focusedupon this very issue and so the focus would be on the debates revolving around policies of thestate, and how they clash/ interplay/ collide with the religious communities view point aboutfamily planning and abortion.Each religion is unique and it follows its each teachings and own beliefs. These beliefs can oftenclash up with the policies which have been drawn by the state, even when these policies make astrict attempt to avoid such conflict. This is not only true for Australia, but across the globe. Forinstance, let’s take an example of Islam in Singapore. As a result of the long-standing Malayproblem, as a result of which Malay Singaporeans were socially and economically backward, thegovernment brought out urban and economic planning in its family policies and that of theculture as well. This was meant to upgrade the population, particularly its health and education.The authorities of the nation regard the shapeless multiculturalism and individualism as an aspectof western decadence and this is contrasted by the Confucian Asia’s moral superiority. Hence,the up-gradation was a self assumed responsibility of the state for intervening directly in thedifferent areas like family life, reproduction, moral and religion. The strategy of the nationtowards the Muslim population is put in a nutshell in the MUIS, i.e., the Majlis Ugama IslamSingapura, along with the related policies meant for improving upon the Muslim education,
ESSAY3|P a g emodernizing the Sharia laws and courts and not only improving but regulating the Muslim familylife as well. But such regulations are what prove the concept of secularism is not upheld by thestates. By interfering with the religion of the individuals, the state does not remain separatedfrom it (Barbalet, Possamai and Turner, 2013).Taking an example of Israel, where a pro-natalist policy is maintained when it comes toreproductive care. In Israel, the state provides the health care and also the continuum throughchildbirth from family planning services. The majority of the reproductive care is funded throughthe Health Funds by the government. The reproductive care policy of the nation reflects thesocial, religious and cultural norms of Jews regarding fertility (Glenn, 2010). The Jewish cultureis engrained in the personal desire for motherhood and parenthood, which is strengthenedthrough the historical persecution of Jews in Diaspora and the genocide carried on against thepeople in Holocaust. And so, the pro-natalist approach of the nation is supported through thelegislation which regulates the IVF, i.e., vitro fertilization, the use of semen when it comes toIVF fertilization, ova extraction, the allocation and donation of ova, and finally the surrogacyagreements. Even the right of an individual to procreate is properly recognized through the rulingof the Supreme Court and a leading example of this is the case ofNachmani v Nachmani(50(4)PD 661 (Isr)). In this case, the court held that due to the present special circumstances where itwas deemed that the right of a woman was superior to the right of the husband to be a father.However, this does not mean that the woman has a full autonomy over her reproductive status.So, the woman does not have the right to terminate pregnancy. The lack of interest with regardsto prosecution shows the abortion’s limited scope in the nation. Apart from funding theauthorized abortions, the provisions of family planning information are funded by the State,along with the subsidized contraceptives. So, the case of Israel shows the integration of religion,
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