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Perceptions of Crime and Criminals

Added on - 17 Apr 2021

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If Black People Aren’t Criminals, Then WhyAre So Many of Them in Prison?”Confronting Racial Biases in Perceptions ofCrime and CriminalsSara Buck Doude
Purpose of the ArticleThe main purpose of this article was to document the racial biaswitnessed in America’s Justice system.It is supposed to evidently give students the ability to recognize racialdisparities in arrests and convictions (Hagan et al, 2005).The article also shows that the justice system is biased in terms ofcolor, which is contrary to the perception of many students.The article is also meant to show how crimes and criminals have had asocial perception since time in memorial in the US.It also seeks to give a valid interpretation of overrepresented blacks incrime statistics (Loury, 2008).
Key question addressed by the authorThe author seeks to find out why there are many black people in prisons yetthey are not criminals?Why is it that we have a lot of black people in correction facilities?Why is it that black people are highly viewed as criminals and notvictims?Why is it that some legal policies seem to have a racial profiling feel?Why is it that black people are victims of racial hoax as opposed towhites?Further, the author seeks to find a valid interpretation of the overrepresentednumber of blacks in crime statistics.What are some of the probable factors that make black people topstatistics in terms of crime and incarcerations?
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