IFSM 310 Small System Recommendation & Implementation Roadmap

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IFSM 310 Small System Recommendation & Implementation Roadmap Detailed InstructionsMini-Case StudyUigeadail Manufacturing & Universal Corporation (UM&UC) designs, builds, and sellsprecision measurement tools used in the scientific and medical research and energyexploration industries. The firm is highly respected for its quality products, effective producttraining programs, and professional customer service and support.In late 2015, UM&UC recognized that the sales team had become extremely mobile andwere facing challenges that was impacting the team’s effectiveness. The VP, Sales engagedan independent consulting firm to assess and analyze the challenges and effectiveness andmake recommendations on how to improve the sales and sales support process. Theconsulting firm report revealed the following key findings:1.The sales and sales support teams are primarily mobile and rarely interface withcompany IT resources from a UM&UC facility.2.The sales and sales support teams are mobile technology savvy and understand whatneeds to improve to make them more effective.3.The sales and sales support teams need many of the same capabilities that theywould have at a UM&UC facility, but they need access and delivery to through amobile device.4.UM&UC IT infrastructure has not kept pace with the sales and sales support teams’dynamic IT needs.5.Some sales and sales support team members are trying to bridge the gap by usingpersonal mobile devices, but these devices are not allowed to access the neededcompany IT resources.In addition, the consulting firm made several technology and process recommendations. Inearly 2016, UM&UC acted on many of the process recommendations and is now ready toimplement the top technology recommendation, which is:“Transition the sales team and selected members of the sales support team to tabletstyle (iPad, MS Surface, Lenovo Yoga, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) mobile devices.”UM&UC has set aside funding and is ready to identify a standard device and roll it out to thesales and sales support teams. Based on the available funding, the cost cannot exceed$750.00 per unit. There are 75 sales and 107 sales support team members across the US,Europe, Asia, and MEA (Middle East & Africa). All personnel will be issued the same tablet.You are the Senior IT Infrastructure Specialist assigned to identify the candidate standardtablet and recommend an implementation roadmap for rolling it out.You have confirmed and updated the requirements documented by the consulting firm,which are outlined in the matrix below. You do not need to address software at this time.You only need to ensure the hardware will be able to handle the activity shown in therequirements table.tmpr56fb164Small-System-Recommendation-Implementation-Roadmap-Detailed-Instructionssu16docx-3104.docxPage1of6
IFSM 310 Small System Recommendation & Implementation Roadmap Detailed InstructionsTable of RequirementsIDAttributeTypeST001Create, view, and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheetsActivityST002View large PDF documentsActivityST003Access & view product specifications, schematics, drawings and pictures in full HDActivityST004Access & display (play) product demonstrations and training videos in full HDActivityST005Securely connect to WiFi networksActivityST006Securely connect to cellular/mobile networksActivityST007Securely connect to VPNActivityST008Participate in online, real time conferencesActivityST009Access corporate enterprise resources (Intranet, Inventory, Billing, Invoicing, etc.)ActivityST010Receive, create, and send emailActivityST011Connect to printers and print wirelesslyActivityST012Take & save high resolution photosActivityST013Connect to large video display units wirelesslyActivitytmpr56fb164Small-System-Recommendation-Implementation-Roadmap-Detailed-Instructionssu16docx-3104.docxPage2of6
IFSM 310 Small System Recommendation & Implementation Roadmap Detailed InstructionsThe Assignment & DeliverableThis is an individual assignment. You must work on your own.The assignment is to analyze the mini-case and table of requirements to assess and identifya standard tablet mobile device that will be used across the Sales Department. You mustconsider all aspects of the device to include CPU, RAM, storage, connectors & ports, etc. Donot simply visit a tablet manufacturer’s site (Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.) and select amachine. This will not be successful. You must identify and justify your selection based onrequirements with specific attention to computing capacity and speed, storage, screenresolution, etc. How do the various tablet components individually and collectively meet thestated requirements?You must also deliver a high level implementation roadmap within the same document. Theroadmap must be focused on the tasks and activities associated with deployment/implementation and estimated durations for each task/activity. Specifically, you need toprovide a view into what needs to done to roll out the tablet and how long it will take.The deliverable is an MS Word document based on the template embedded in thisdocument.The audience for the deliverable is the CIO; IT Director; VP, Sales; Sales USRegional Sales Directors; International Country Sales Directors; Sales Managers; and yourimplementation team.The expectation is you will use the document to gain approval for theidentified tablet and roadmap. The roadmap will also be used (by you) to build out a fullproject schedule to manage the deployment.Here is what you need to do:1.Click on icon to launch the template and save it to your desktop.IFSM 310 SSR&IRTemplate.docx2.Please do not deviate from the formatting contained in the document template.3.Follow the content instructions in the various sections of the document to completeyour work.4.All narrative content must be single spaced, Arial 12 point.5.All table content must be single spaced, Arial 10 point.6.Review and use the Evaluation & Scoring Rubric below to ensure your deliverablecontains an appropriate level of information.7.External research and a References page are required.a.You must use of at least three (3) external sources. This is in addition to anycourse materials from assigned readings and videos.b.You should use scholarly, vendor, and industry materials.c.Do not simply copy and paste information from the Web or copy informationfrom the readings or other sources.d.Provide the appropriate APA formatted citations on the References page toavoid the perception of plagiarism. This includes citing all external sourcestmpr56fb164Small-System-Recommendation-Implementation-Roadmap-Detailed-Instructionssu16docx-3104.docxPage3of6
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