IFSM. Preliminary Investigation Report. As PEP launch a

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Preliminary Investigation ReportAs PEP launch a new product of more efficient low voltage motor, which is used in thehealthcare industry. The sales and manufacturing department have been enlarging to add a newline in the industry. All of this is straining the ordering and shipping department and theinventory management department, which have received no increase in workforce. As PEP salesand order rises significantly, the finance department faces problems in their invoice, billing andpayment processes. The IT analyst meeting with the CIO provides all IT services to PEP. Thesolution for this process is suggested by ITSC is replacing the current customer billing andpayment system and processes. They have other condition as they want a new billing andpayment system and processes can be interfaced with other new IT systems and updated nosinessprocesses as needed. PEP was lacking behind in raising funds for replacing or upgrading thesesystems; the executives are committed to moving the company forward and improving PEP'sability to manage its growing business efficiently and effectively.The proposal is replacing the current customer billing and payment system processes.The scope of this proposal is efficient from the management point of view as it assigns theproper task to each and every department as invoicing department and customer department arehandled by the accounts receivable department, and customer payments are handled by theaccounts receivable department, which reports to the CFO. It is efficient from the consumer pointof view as it gathers all the information at one point. It also reduces the cost of theimplementation as no more workers are required for the accounting and keeping of the records,which include Products Ordered, Product Ordered Date, Products Shipped, Product Ship Date,Quantity, Product Pricing and Calculated Price.
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