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ILS41901Assignment – 1(1)IntroductionIn this essay, the moral, political and social implication is used to describe the person, groupwhen the evil term is used. There are two types of evil word s used in two different way one iswhen people are intentionally doing wrong things and the second one is a natural one.DiscussionWhen the person is doing something wrong or harming other due to their actions, then it isconsidered that he or she is evil. In the history of Lilith, it was said that there was a pregnantwoman and their baby has killed by some people so that people are considered as evil as theirmoral allowed them to kill the pregnant lady's child.As the daughter of Lilith, she was considered as a white witch in the painting who kills the sonsof Adam and the Eve, daughter, so the witch is determined as "evil." So it was believed of thesociety that whenever their daughter takes birth, she became witch or evil. So this is the socialimplication about the evil. The female night demon is Lilith as per the society. (Zank andMichael, 136-138)ConclusionIt is concluded that moral, political and social implication is the factor to describe the people,group when it is about the evil as it was the moral and the society which makes the person evilsas if their morale is low then they do an action that harms the other and sometimes society makesthe person evil. As in the Lilith, the daughter of Lilith became the white witch.
ILS41902(2)IntroductionIn this paper, it is going to discuss the evil, whether they really exist or not and if they reallyexist what can the people will do to struggle against evil.DiscussionThe word evil is sarcasm; it is basically the word used for the person who does not do the ethnicthings and may harm the person and the society surrounded by them. So the person who is notdoing the things which are appropriate to the society, morale and the environment of the worldthat person is treated as evil.Is someone dreamed and waked up and found that there is evil then it means that personsurrounded by the good people. There basically two types of evils on the earth one is a naturalone and the second one is intentionally one. So it is the battle of ourselves only whether todevelop the moral not to harm the others or if anyone become morally evil then try to overcomeit with the help of love and pray to God. (Shakespeare William, 2005)ConclusionIt is concluded that there is nothing like evil, it is just a word that defines what is bad. There isalways something good or bad, so the term is used to describe the word bad. So it is notsurprising that there is no evil on the planet earth it's just that person has the capacity to fighttheir own thoughts and desire and become the good man, not the evil.
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