childhood Immunisation - case study

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ACTIVITY 1Immunization Information EmailDear Parents!Hope you find this mail in the best of your spirits!I am writing this email to inform you about various aspects of childhood Immunisation. Itis highly crucial for parents to understand that immunisation is one of the most simple andeffective measures to protect your child from specific diseases. It basically functions to triggerthe immune system in the right direction to fight out certain ailments, and hence such children oradults are made capable to effectively fight against these diseases. Hence, this is one of theprevention tools, highly safe in nature and make the immune system capable to effectivelyrespond to specific kind of infections or diseases.In order to access information in relation to immunisation government can go through theofficial websites of government which have sections on all the information related toimmunisation. In the event your child has not been vaccinated against some of the specificailments, it important you report the same. Hence, it is required by the parents to disclose theimmunisation status of their child in the enrolment form. Moreover, it shall be ensured that thestatus is updated till the date of filing the form.Lastly, in the event any of the parents decide not to get their child immunised, suchchildren shall be excluded from being in the centre, if there is a outbreak of an infectious disease.RegardsTMGPART BThis shall ensure each of the member selected for the visit is well equipped with relevantknowledge and is appraised with the best of all the practices to handle the concerned situations.It shall ensure a high standard of services, which are highly efficient in nature. Moreover, thisshall also satisfy the needs and requirements of families who have a better understanding of theseservices and have a habit of undertaking informed decisions. The educators with the assistance of1
this guide shall be enabled to appraise themselves with specific knowledge over certain subjectsand all the practices they either need to adopt or modify to completely abide by all the setstandards.PART CThe National Quality Standard (NQS) video series shall further assist the educators inexploring and understanding the different Quality Areas which are encompassed within the NQS.There are about 58 elements in the series and with the assistance of this series the educators shallbe able to understand the different aspects of improvement plans, policies, best practices and soon, in relation to their respective quality area. They shall further be appraised with the fact that itis crucial to build a responsive as well as sensitive relation with the child, in order to supportthem at various stages of interaction.PART DAnother strategy which the Director could adopt in order to enhance the effectiveness ofthe entire process is that of providing them with special training sessions. This shall enable themto interact them with others and solve their queries.PART EWith the assistance of 'Stories of Assessment' the educators shall be able to read aboutvarious experiences which other educators have gone through. Further, they shall be able tounderstand the manner in which different situations and circumstances can be handled, and theresponse of all the participants. The quality of services being provided shall be positivelyinfluenced and a sense of confidence shall be developed prior to the visit. Thus, the educatorscould be fully prepared with a holistic and comprehensive approach towards management ofvarious elements.PART FIn order to effectively coordinate the services for visit and ensure confidence among theteam members, Kate may implement the following strategies:Every educator shall be made to undergo Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)through different training sessions.Every educator shall be required to make a self assessment of the services being providedby them, and assess it against the NQS as well as other regulators. This shall enable the2
educators to be informed about their quality of services and stay confident before thevisit.Kate shall also assure keeping the educators informed about all the relevant informationand keep them updated.Special sessions shall be conducted for discussing all the points of concern and otheragendas which may interest the educators as well as enhance their involvement.A review of NQS shall also be presented in connection to the manner the authorizedofficer is going to undertake the process of assessment. This shall prepare the educatorswith everything which they shall expect and be confident to face the varied situations.CASE STUDY IPART Ai. George's reaction can be characterized as mistaken behaviour which implies that thereaction was completely unintentional. This is one of the ways children show their power and theneed to seek attention of the people around them.ii. As an educator I shall not make any reaction to such a behaviour. No eye contract shallbe made or give any attention which the child is seeking. Hence, a ignoring behaviour shall beadopted.iii. This shall ensure that the child is not encourage to draw the attention of surroundingpeople in this manner, or show his frustration and power in the form of such words.PART Bi. The reaction of Tom can be characterized as unacceptable behaviour, as it has causedharm to others.ii. In such a case I shall act as a reporter and acknowledge happening of somethingwrong. Further, Tom shall be made to understand his limits and inform him about his wrongbehaviour.iii. In such a situation it is important to make the children understand that they are wrongin their ways and need to improve. A clear classification of right and wrong shall be established.PART Ci. The fact that Imran has been behaving in this manner for no apparent reason it shall becharacterized as mistaken behaviour.3
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