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IMMUNOLOGY EXAM – SECTION BUnderstanding Complement Deficiency DisorderThe complement deficiency is considered to be the immunodeficiency wherein thesuboptimal functionality pertaining to the complement system for proteins is absent. Therepertain redundancies with respect to the immune system and the diagnosis for complementdeficiency cannot be done easily (Allenspach & Torgerson, 2018, pp. 61; Lui et al., 2016; pp.923) . The complement system encompasses the 30 proteins which are present in tissuesalong with the blood. The proteins tend to be anchored on the different cell surfaces too. Thefunctionality linked to the complement system is associated with the cell surface. Thedeficiencies linked to complement deficiencies include the bacterial infections of seriousnature (Allenspach & Torgerson, 2018, pp. 61; Lui et al., 2016; pp. 923). The Auto ImmuneDisease along with the episodes pertaining to swelling under the skin along with the swellingtaking place of the intestines is significant as part of disorder.Case Study With CritiqueThe case study with the 17-year-old patient has the swelling which is painless. The swellingis in the left hand of patient Angel. The area on examination reveals it is not tender. Thecomplication arising due to the complement deficiency disorder prevalent in case of Angelfurther made the case worse while she was being admitted in the Emergency Department.The cramping abdominal pain along with anorexia and vomiting were observed as thecomplications arising due to the complement deficiency disorder in case of the patient(Allenspach & Torgerson, 2018, pp. 61; Lui et al., 2016; pp. 923). The swelling of theintestines is a symptom which develops and further complicates aggravating the condition as
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