Impact and Awareness of Climate Change on Health

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Running head: IMPACT AND AWARENESS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON HEALTHImpact and Awareness of Climate Change on HealthName of the Student:Name of the University:Author name:
1IMPACT AND AWARENESS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON HEALTHOne of the biggest threats of recent times on humankind is the global climate change,which is taking tolls on the health of the common people worldwide. The impact of climatechange on the human health and environment is making a further influence in numerousaspects on social changes. The recent climate change is making the environment warmbecause of the universal global warming effect. The all-over effect of the climate change increases many sensitive diseases likewaterborne disease, vector borne diseases and heat related diseases. There are even airbornediseases, which causes from the effect of polluted air, are related to many extreme weatherconditions like fires and windstorm. Mixing of floodwater with natural drinking water sourceis the cause of spreading of most of the waterborne aliments like cholera and Diarrhea. Thechanged climate increased difficulties accessing the quality water source, which in turn madeit complicated for people accessing it. The global warming increased the overall temperatureof the world and contributed to the breeding of many insects and mosquitoes, whichincreased the number of people suffering from diseases like Malaria, Dengue and Zika (Wattset al. 2015). The global climate change also has many physiological effects on the human body.The extreme weather conditions as extreme hot or extreme cold can stop many biologicalfunction on human body that are necessary for living. The climate change can even affect anyhuman psychologically. It is a well-known fact that stress and anxiety has a relation withglobal environmental change (Campbell-Lendrum et al. 2015). The population who are susceptible and vulnerable to the environmental factors aregenerally called sensitive population. As most of the world population is poor and at thebelow poverty level, they are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

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