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Running head: IMPACT AND ISSUES OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYImpact and Issues of Information TechnologyName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
1IMPACT AND ISSUES OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYThis essay highlights the ICT impact on business, culture and society. The impact ofICT on the business, retail stores, in schools has been detailed in this essay. The adverseeffect has also been focussed in this essay as well. ICT impacts on business have been depicted in this essay. Information Technologyhas greater impact on the business activities of an organisation. With the help of computersone can store files, can send and receive files as well. This makes the whole thing agile andefficient1.The individuals can use Excel to store the payables, inventory sales and receivables,the employees in the organisation can even use the accounting software to store the taxrecords and the data for conducting the business smoothly. Now with the advent of internet,the employees in the organisations can use the cloud services to store the files and also canshare the file online2. This facilitates to use the files and modify the files online. With theadvent of internet, the business organisations now can carry out their marketing venturesonline, can take orders, they also have the option to purchase merchandise. The marketingoptions carried out online via the marketing tools, one can use one’s business managementcapabilities to communicate with the employees and the contractors to enhance themarketing.1 Andrade, Antonio Diaz, and Bill Doolin. "Information and communication technology and the socialinclusion of refugees."Mis Quarterly40, no. 2 (2016): 405-416.2 Bascand, Geoff. "Household use of information and communication technology: 2012."Retrievedfrom Statistics New Zealand: http:/ /www. stats. aspx(2013).
2IMPACT AND ISSUES OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYThe business organisations’ employees must keep themselves updated all the time toknow more about the business, to keep an eye on the competitors, to know the latest trends,the information accumulated can help them in comparing the proposals related to insurance;handle the employees of the organisations3. Even with the help of electronic mail one cansend important files and can communicate with each other, in this way ICT can embellish thebusiness activities, this ICT can enrich any industry, it can create huge impact on theautomobiles, tourism, retail and textiles.ICT impacts on society have been highlighted in this essay.ICT has also greaterimpact on the society; with the help of ICT now people are working as freelancers, they areworking from home. The representatives of the small businesses or the telecommutercompanies generally work from home, the managers always stay in touch with the employeesin this way4. The companies provide online services to their customers all throughout day andnight 24x7 via ICT technology. ICT can help the individuals who are not capable to workoutside. ICT also facilitates online shopping; the customers can purchase books dresses at willfrom the online shopping sites. The use of ICT and introduction of work from home conceptcan reduce the number of working offices; it too can reduce the traffic pollution. Thephysically disabled people can be largely benefitted from the ICT technology.3 Bilbao-Osorio, Beñat, Soumitra Dutta, and Bruno Lanvin. "The global information technology report2013." InWorld Economic Forum, pp. 1-383. 2013.4 Chesley, Noelle. "Information and communication technology use, work intensification and employeestrain and distress."Work, employment and society28, no. 4 (2014): 589-610.

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