[PDF] Impact of Globalization on the Business

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Rise in globalism doesn’t mean the endfornationalistsCurrency-2011- 2018Author-According toA. Burcu Bayram,it can be determined that 82% nations are stronglydeveloped and 74% are proud to their country. In US, there are 46 % states highly strong and61% people proud to be American. A. Burcu is an assistant professor of political science in the J.William at the university of Arkansas in Fayetteville. According to this data, it easily calculatesthe identification of country and finding the national leaders should provide the priority to thecountry. They also help for reducing the poverty all over the world (Duong, 2017). This globalcitizens cannot interested to the policy that increasing the foreign development process to otherpoor countries.Accuracy- Recently, it suggested that globalization is a process that could be increase in UK, theEuropean union has to decided to grow the popularity of rights wings parties in differentcountries such as Austria, Germany and France etc. It is true that data from the world valuessurvey can be represented as early 1990, it also integrated with the markets , communities andculture of new generations (Adam, 2018). Many researcher finds the used for world value surveyfor identifying the latest trends in the cosmopolitanism. Most of the countries who stronglyidentified the global citizen in the round of world values survey.Purpose- The purpose of the rise of globalization for increasing the business process and Globalcitizen uses the social factor that shaped by their individual values such as self enhancement anduniversalism. Universal moral concern influence or motivate the global citizen. This moralaspect will help for people to protect the environment and human welfare. Many people alwaystry to improve their services which provide the facilities and benefits related the health andfinancial care.
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