Impact of family life cycle transitions

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Student Name: Navjot Kaur ghumanStudent ID:e087748632475/03 Knowledge Test – Short Answer QuestionsE1144Certificate III in IndividualSupport (Ageing, Homeand Community)Module 8:This is assessment 3 of 3.1. Background/OverviewWhen you work as a support worker in community and home care,part of your work will involve having effective supportrelationships with clients’ carers and families.Working with carers and families can be a satisfying and positiveexperience for the support worker and together they can form apartnership to improve client experience and outcomes.2. BriefThis assessment consists of three (3) parts.This assessment provides you with the opportunity todemonstrate your knowledge of the following areas:The carer role and the impact it has on carers, families andfriends.The impact of the lifecycle transitions and family structureson the personIncluding family and carers as part of the client supportteam and strategies to work positively with them andmonitoring, promoting and assisting carers with theirrights, their health and their wellbeing.DeliverablesPlease submit this assessmentin Word doc format.To do list:1.Write your name andstudent ID in the spaceprovided at the top ofthis page.2.Read thebackground/overview andbrief sections of thisdocument.3.Complete the 3 parts.4.Write your answers in thespaces provided.5.Save the Word documentusing the namingconvention:your studentnumber_assessmentnumber.doc. For example:“12345678_31135_01.doc.”6.Upload your document inOpen Space using therelevant AssessmentUpload link in this Module.
3. QuestionsThe carer role and the impact it has on carers, families and friendsPart 1Read the scenario and then answer the questions that follow.You work at CareShore home and community services.You have just started to visit Anna to provide support to her at home. Before you supported Anna, youvisited to provide support for her husband Kostas, who now resides at the CareShoreresidential facility.Anna is still at home and is missing having Kostas with her. She used to love to cook for him but sincehe is at CareShore, she has lost interest in cooking and has started to not bother to feed herself. Sheappears to have lost weight. You have noticed Anna’s low spirits and that she doesn’t have all the usualgroceries in the kitchen cupboards and the vegetable patch in the garden is starting to look unkempt.Previously Anna would have a Greek treat ready for your visit and she would urge you to eat somewhen you made her a cup of tea, but this has stopped as well.Often Anna would have her friend Dulcie visiting during the day. Dulcie lives close by down the streetand she and Anna share a love of the garden. They have known each other for forty years. When youask Anna about Dulcie, she is vague and says she is not sure what Dulcie is doing, she seems to be toobusy to visit.When you ask her, Anna says she has not visited Kostas in two weeks, as she is worried that it willupset him to see her, and it is a long way on the bus to CareShore. She says she feels guilty that shecould not look after him like he wanted at home. She says she was too weak and she is useless. Annacries and says she misses him, she misses feeling him beside her in bed at night, and that her life isempty.Anna is walking more slowly than she usually does and is always wearing her slippers, whereas beforeshe always wore her shoes and stockings during the day. She says her arthritis is playing up and shesometimes gets a bit short of breath from her asthma.Anna says Sia and Irene (her daughters) visit when they can but she does not like to bother them asthey have busy lives.When you are talking to Anna, Sia arrives and Anna immediately looks brighter. She tells Sia she isbusy and coping well with her support worker’s assistance around the home. Sia looks worried.When you leave Anna’s home you find Sia waiting outside. She asks to speak with you and reveals thefollowing;
The family are very worried about Anna, as she will not let them assist her and she will not go tolive with any of them.Anna has told her family that she has been visiting Kostas but they have found out fromCareShore that she has not visited for two weeks.Sia doesn’t know what supports she can access to assist her and Irene to care for their motherand she is finding it difficult to take the carer role. Anna has always been the ‘rock’ of the familycaring for Kostas and helping with grandchildren.Irene is a nurse, and she is worried that Anna is sick and won’t admit it. She has asked her to goto the doctor but Anna tells her that she is fine.Sia asks you not to tell Anna she has spoken with you. She does not wish to upset or embarrass hermother.A.The impact of being a carer can be felt in many different ways.Complete the table below outlining who is the carer, and the impact to the carer in each of thesituations from the scenario.The situationWho is the carer in this situation?What are the impacts of the caringrole to the carer?Sia and Irene have been providingsupport to Anna and are worriedabout the changes in her health.Sia and Irene are the carer in thissituationThe impacts of the caring role ofthe carer in this prospect is betterhealthcare provision, enhancedhealthcare approach and advancedor sustained healthcare approachand better lifestyle approach aswell for Anna and alsoimplementation of hope andenergy for Anna that has beenmissing lately. The impact here isan engaging daily life process aswell and this will also help inbetterment of Anna’s healthcondition, given the fact she feelslonely and is getting engrossedwith her health problems.
NYS- Please focus on the situation.What is the impact to Sia and Ireneof caring for Anna?Sia speaks to you about herconcerns for Anna and how she hasalways been the ‘rock’ for thefamily.Carer is Anna in this contextImpact of the carer here is a strongand a well rooted family structurewhere there is a unity and also asense of togetherness and a senseof understanding that can help incombining or associating all thefamily members together, whichAnna had been doing for so long.It’s great that you were able torealise a positive impact to thecarer.You see Dulcie down the street andshe says she doesn’t know what tosay to Anna about Kostas goinginto CareShore. She says it makes itdifficult to visit Anna.Dulcie is the carer hereImpact of Dulcie as a carer here isbrining in a sense of refreshmentand happiness in Anna. Theprimary impact here is a sense oftogetherness, spending of qualitytime and communicating as wellthat will have a positive impact onthe health of Anna.NYS- Please read the situationagain. It does not say that they arecurrently doing gardening together.What’s the impact to Dulcie bybeing a carer to Anna?NYS- Please resubmit the highlighted answers. The rest are good.
B.Now that Kostas is in the CareShoreresidential facility, Anna’s care relationship with him has changed. State the current or potential risks for Annawith the change tothe care relationship.Real or Potential Risk AreaWhatpotential risks for Anna with the change to the care relationship?(20 words)Physical riskIt includes falling down somewhere, lack of steady walking and also jointpain as she is having arthritis. Other risk includes breathing trouble and noinstant support or care at the momentEmotional riskIt includes loneliness, lack of a companion and also lack of love, care andsupport.Psychological riskIt includes talking to herself, self thinking and depressionLoss of companionshipLack of assistance in day to day life and also lack of normal day to dayactivities like cooking, eating together and othersChange in perception of selfFeeling less confident and energized, feeling down and also feeling lowly andde-motivatedSatisfactory
C: In this scenario, Anna is not visiting Kostas. Outline what you could do to assist Anna to visit Kostas and to participate in the changes and transition of moving him intoResidential Care,giving two practical examples of what you could do to assist. (50-100 words).Here Anna can be encouraged to accept the change and thereby take it easily so that she can continue the emotional bond and connection that she has had for herhusband for so long and that will help her or assist her in visiting Kostas in Residential Care. Example includes- creating some space for both of them at the ResidentialCare so that they can spend some quality time together and this will encourage Anna to visit her husband. Other example to assist Anna to visit Kostas include providingAnna with a private service of accompanying her to Residential Care as she cannot walk very steadily and is recently having acute arthritis problem. These are two waysor examples in this aspect. One example here is advising Anna to spend quality time when she is on a visit to her husband and also talk about all the happy and preciousmemories they shared together so that Kostas can feel jovial and gay and that will ease out the process of accepting the changed situation.NYS- Please think of one other strategy that you can do as a support worker in the home and community setting. Providing a space when she visits Kostas will be done bythe staff in the facility. What can you advise Anna to do when visits Kostas?
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