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Impact Of Mental & Health Issues On Youth Of Australia - Report

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Added on  2020-02-05

Impact Of Mental & Health Issues On Youth Of Australia - Report

   Added on 2020-02-05

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Impact Of Mental & Health Issues On Youth Of Australia - Report_1
Undertake Project WorkIntroduction:Mental health system is one of the major mental issues seen in youths across globe in the era of technology. There are various types of mental health system which are making a major impact onthe society of Australia. Mental health system represents the issues of adopting high rates of school failure, unstable employment, poor family background, social functioning. Mental health system reflects on mental issues, health issues of the youths. In this way, proper treatments are needed to reduce the issues from the society. Many acts like; social policies, human right acts, equality acts, mental capacity acts and so on which have been promoted by the government of Australia to reduce the major impact of mental health system from the communities. In this way, the health care workers should be acknowledged about the impacts of mental and health issues and also the policies that the Australian government have introduced. The paper is all about the impacts of these laws on the mental health system care providers and the importance of understanding the acts properly while they are providing supports to the mental health system patients.Author’s Name:Page 2 of 8
Impact Of Mental & Health Issues On Youth Of Australia - Report_2
Undertake Project WorkDiscussionThere are several acts to reduce the mental and health issues among the youth of Australia from the society. The care providers should understand the importance of these acts while they are providing the supports to the mental health system patients. The importance of the mental health acts for the care workers are given below:Social policy:Social policy responses on the activities of people in the society. It is mainly focused on the wellbeing, social security and also health care and social care. According to the social policy, thehealth care organizations will be determined by the implementation of the factors that are playinga great role in the social culture in the Australia (Stone, 2009). According to the act, every people has a right to get proper treatment, and they can get immediate care support no matter the condition. Equality Act (2010):Equality Act is all about to reduce the discrimination of the equality from the community. However, in the case of mental health system, the person with a mental health system should not be discriminated from the rights and their equality in the society of Australia(Stone, 2009). According to the equality act, the equality of economy, equality of education and so on should bededicated to the people who are leaving in society. Apart from that, for the people who are suffering from the mental health system, should be treated as a general human being and they also have a right to get proper rights on the equality in the society of Australia. Getting proper treatment from the care providers is also a part of the equality act(Chaloner, 2013).Author’s Name:Page 3 of 8
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