Impact of Cigarette Packaging Pictorial Essay


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Literature review Chapter 1 Literature review introductionLiterature review is the content of the scholarly paper which consist of currentinformation and knowledge and includes the substantive findings, theoretical andmethodological contributions to a particular topic. In simple words it can be said that it is thesecondary sources from where the data and information is being collected by the researcher forthe particular subject (Hall and Brewer, 2017). It is mostly liked with the academic orientedliterature for example different reviews which are collected from the different Journal and bookswhich is being published in the same publication. It is the basis at which the investigation isbeing made by the scholar. Other than that it can be said that on the basis of literature review,whole investigation is being dependent (Noar and Ribisl, 2017). It is the part of researcher which consist of presentation of the thesis, dissertation, journalor article. It is also being very common in the research proposal. It is the document which isbeing made to collect the approval in order to conduct the whole dissertation. It plays verysignificant part when the researcher is conducting any investigation (Francis and Brewer, 2017).This is because it helps the scholar to collect the relevant data which serve as basis for thefurther study. Before conducting ant literature review, different themes have been made by thescholar and on the basis of that themes, secondary data is being collected. In this literaturereview the key aim of investigator is to analyse the impact of cigarette packing pictorial andwarning labels on the people (Mansour and Bakhsh, 2017). It is going to cover the concept ofcigarette packing pictorial and warning labels, factors affecting consumer behaviour andinfluence of cigarette packing pictorial and warning labels on the people who consume cigarette. Chapter 2 Literature review main bodyConcept of cigarette packing pictorial and warning labelsAccording to the view of Byrne and Niederdeppe, (2017) packaging is one of the mostimportant component when the organisation is marketing their products and services. Packinghelps the customers to identify the brand, this is because there are large number of firm who aredealing products and services and it becomes difficult for the customers to identify the brand.This is the because firm focus on effective packing so that customers can identify their brand. Onthe other hand packaging plays very significant role in the products like cigarette which serve the1
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