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Essay on Impact of Computer on Children

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

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Running head: ESSAY
The negative or positive effects that computers can have on children
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It is common to hear that technology is power. However this power should be the
means to empower human race rather than impacting negatively. However in order to
understand the power of technology it is very necessary to define what exactly technology
incorporates. According to researchers and academicians all the knowledge, skills, techniques
and methods which are particularly employed in producing varied goods and services for
enhancing the lifestyle of individuals collectively come under the periphery of technology
(Stewart and Frances). One such blessing of technology is indeed the invention of computer
which came around the 19thcentury and soon became a widespread necessity in the day to
day lives of individuals. According to the psychological research conducted by American
Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) the most widespread impact of this
technological innovation has been on children as they are the ones who are growing up with
this technology (ROCK and MARY).
Today children at the age of 7 or 8 starts learning about computer, they get proper
computer training at schools and all is directed towards bringing in positive changes in their
life. It is meant to help with get familiar with all the latest technological advancements and
help them learn how to use and reap the benefits. Hence it cannot be completely denied that
the exposure of computer serves no good. With the advancement in internet accessibility the
benefit of widespread educational software and websites can be completely incorporated in
improving one’s child’s education standards. The content of these educational programmes
are extremely interactive, interesting, creative which altogether boosts children to think out of
box and enhance their creative spirits. It can be immensely helpful in increasing vocabulary
of the child to help him think logically and smart (Motamedi, Vahid, and Leila) Various
schools have their own e-learning programs which are specifically designed to enhance the
academic experience with interesting quiz and puzzles and are mostly used during the
school’s summer and winter vacations so that the children can use their time strategically
rather than spending it ideally. This is all what technology specifically computer brings
along. Moreover it has helped children to play games which are no doubt entertaining as well
as quite interesting to help them develop their hand-eye coordination. Computer with such
easy internet access has also revolutionized the way children communicate today with their
peer groups using web applications like e-mails and Facebook and varied other social media
platforms. Yes this too has its own positive and negative impact but for now concentrating on
the brighter side of it, this definitely helps them making new friends, communicate on a
global platform learn the use of these applications and altogether become tech savvy which is
indeed a necessity for today’s kids (Arsić and Boško). Being actively engaged in these
platforms youngsters can use them in showcasing their talent to the world in just a go. For
instance a child who loves to sign can easily record a video with the help of his parents
upload it on social media for instance on YouTube and become a star overnight. Yes,
technology has made it this easy when it comes to accessing resources, information or
knowledge (Third,et al.).
However amidst all this positive impact, computer technology has brought in a bag
full of threats and negatives which can be quite dangerous to every child who is overexposed
to this technology. According to the research study of American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) it has significantly reduced the amount of physical activity
which one of the most essential elements in ensuring a healthy lifestyle in growing children.
Sitting in front of the computer screen all day has led to varied health risks and diseases
relating to obesity, high pressure and heart problems (Shackman, Jessica and Seth). Back in
the days when there are no such exposure of computer technology children where found
playing football and cricket in grounds but toady it is al digital, all virtual and children are all
day hooked to the computer screens. Moreover excessive and prolonged exposure to the
computer screen can act fatal to the eyesight of the younger generation as these devices
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