Impact of Digital Technology on Business Activities of SMEs

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TITLE:“To identify the impact of digital technology on business activities of SMEs. A casestudy on Softwire.”INTRODUCTIONEvery organisation main aim is to develop its business activities and functions so this willenhancing their income and revenue at the market place. Currently, digital technology are in thetrend and that is why most of the companies are executing technologies for increasing theirbusiness growth and development. The widespread use of digital technology with the help oflaptops, computers, smartphones, mobile phones, tablets and so more. Along with this, the majorpurpose of digital technologies is to build strong connection among the different individualquickly, effortlessly and cost effectively (Chen and et. al., 2014). Softwire is the company whichdeliver software engineering, digital design solutions and consultancy facilities to the UKleading brands. The present research is focus on cloud technology which is used for effectivelystorage and sharing the required data or information. Softwire is work on cloud technology thatis an information application system, in order words it is simple way to access storage, servers,database and broad set of technological facilities through the internet. For this, particular aimsand objectives has been developed with the assistance of whole investigation that can beconducted. Moreover, various methodologies and literature review for developing accurateresearch has been described in this project. Data analysis is done for making reliableinvestigating work.TASK 1P1As per the view ofEtro, (2015)digital technology is important because it will help ingaining higher growth and development to the business functions. The role of digital applicationprovide enormous growth in trade and commerce. Most of the organisation used cloud techniquefor storing and sharing important information relates to business in proper manner. Thistechnology utilised for sharing and storing important information within an organisation. It willplay an essential role in formulating skills and abilities of employees to perform their work inachieving higher competitive advantages. Cloud technology is a model for enabling the1
ubiquitous, accessible, on-demand network access to share huge information. It is the latesttechnology which is adopted by large number of organisation.Cloud technology is a utility model which can be used by small and large companies tohost their data centres, procedures and online techniques through internet (Soyata and et. al.,2015). It is the technique which uses the internet and central remote host for maintaining therequired data and technology. This will allow consumers and businesses for using effectiveapplication without installing and also access their personal folders or files from any computerwith access the internet only.Background of reportCloud technology is that method which can used for storage and sharing essentialinformation or data for an organisation. Cloud application is based on the internet. It will help inenhancing its efficiency, assist in improving cash flow and also offer various advantages to thebusiness. Softwire is the company which is used cloud technology for save necessaryinformation and data of the company customers and employees. This technique has transfer itsefficiency that authorise organisation for reduces the capital expenses and increasing companyadaptability (Karunarathne and et. al., 2014). It can be indicated by experts that cloud hasdirectly affect business main servers and web hosting working in the company. Softwire is thefirm which deliver bespoke software engineering, digital designing solutions and consultancyfacilities to most of the United kingdom leading brands. The company main aim is to make bestpossible surroundings for developing effective software and provide mismatched buyerssatisfaction. They are work for developing software and cloud technology used them in storingor sharing required information in proper manner.Therefore, by using cloud application, organisation need to think regarding businessoperations and functions which provided by Softwire for effectively perform all work. Alongwith this, it will help in secure and safe the personal data of customers as well as employees.Aim:“To ascertain the effectiveness of cloud technology on enhancing business performance:A case study on Softwire”.Research Objectives:To determine the significance of digital technology in an organisation.To identify the effectiveness of cloud technology on business activities.2
To examine the impact of cloud technology on company performance.To analyse various ways through which business performance can be improved.Research Questions:How to determine the importance of digital technology within the enterprise ?What is the effectiveness of cloud technology on business activities ?What is the impact of cloud technology on organisation performance ?Elaborate different ways through which company improve their performance ?Questions which are described are effective and useful in evaluating or analyzing atheoretical framework so that it is valid conclusion which can be derived. It will help ininvestigation by collecting data for examining or analyzing major strength and weakness that hasbeen described in this assignment. Along with this, literature review used for developingappropriate and reliable report for analyzing different strategy of an enterprise.Significance of digital technology in an organisationAccording to the view ofSuthaharan, (2014)cloud technology is that technique which isused for storage and sharing the required information and data of an organisation. There arevarious significance of cloud application in the company that are described as follows:Lower the costs– The reason behind for operating cloud technology is saving costs andtime in better manner. It will allow firm to measure its IT capability and outlay, withoutincurring high capital value.Flexibility– There are various companies need to conduct business especially on smartphones and tablets. Cloud computing provides all time services or facilities to their usersto stay with real time information from any computation method at anytime andanywhere in all over the world.Scalability– The another advantages of cloud technology is ts scalability. In currentmarket place, it is very vital that an enterprise required to satisfy its customers needs andrequirements along with efficiency (Manuel, 2015)Environment friendly– In an organisation, data centers require high cooling method toconfront them from over heated and keep smoothly running without any interruption.Cloud technology help in maintaining stability in the overall business operations andfunctions in better manner.3
Geographical reach– Cloud application can be used for search new geographicalboundaries and achieve with large number of customers. As per the result, it can be betterusage of resources, expand business operation and also increasing income (Gill and, 2014).Enhancing workforce efficiency– Cloud technology is the latest method which can beused by Softwire firm to hire talented and skilled employees who reaching with desiredgoals and targets.Effectiveness of cloud technology on business activitiesIt can be stated thatRatten, (2015)Cloud technology is one of the adoptable technologyfor most of the companies along with its energizing measurement and using virtual resources as aservices via internet. For adopting cloud application, Softwire firm will gain higher opportunityto formulate business approaches and acquire a competitive edge. The reduction in cost is one ofthe main advantages in which company stand to gain competencies at the time of leaving work inan organisation. There are different points which shows effectiveness of cloud technology withinan enterprise that are explained as follows:Cost savings– It is one of the essential advantage of cloud application is to savebusiness cost. This will allow company is to provide additional processing powerthrough internet without usage of million/billion of device as servers. Along with this,they are spending huge capital on purchasing hardware or software and renewal fees inwhich both capital and operating income used in the firm.Collaboration efficiency– In business, cloud technology provides ability to properlyinteract and share external traditional methods. Softwire delivers high tech solutionapplication which satisfying business efficiencies and competencies in effective manner.It will develop huge collaboration among employees to allow large number of users whoshare and store data in given time period (Ye and et. al., 2018).Enhancing security– This is another effectiveness of cloud technology which can beused for gain high level security system to protect data and information. Cloud providersserve various facilities or services to the huge number of organisation and businesses.Flexibility of working practices– In the Softwire, cloud technology offers higheradaptability to their staff members in working practices. If firm manager require to4
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