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Impact of Digital Technology on Business: Doc

Added on - 02 Jan 2021

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Research Project
Table of Contents1
TITLE:“To Identify the impact of digital technology on business activity of SME's.INTRODUCTION1.1 Overview of researchCloud technology has been regarded as methods for delivering of an informationtechnology (IT) services in which resources are retrieved from an interest through web-basedtools and applications, which has been opposed to an appropriate direct connection to the server(Chen and et. al., 2015). It is the kind of server through which person can store any kind ofinformation, long files, text documents and can share it to another one through sharing option. Ithas been termed as server on which particular person can save their file to facilities easy accessin the future and led the way to share it to other business entity to maintain the common and full-fledged relationship with others. Still, people are not likely much on this because of its hugeimplementation cost and heavy maintenance on structuring & maintenance for future benefits.This has played the necessary role in technological transformation and growth of businessthrough the technological diversion.This research report will be carried on Nomtek informationtechnology and services which is the mobile apps services and development agency are focusedon development of cloud technology and software to facilitates easy doing of business regulationand sharing of an information into the convenient manner.Each and every day, people have beenseen the technology become more advanced. It provides both businesses and customers withseveral advantages. With the help of technology advancements, the life of people are more easieras well as flexible.1.2 Background of researchCloud computing is generally refers to the term for delivery of hosted services with thehelp of internet source. It enables the companies for using as well as consuming a computeresources like virtual machine (VM), storage, applications and many more which are similar toelectricity where no required to build any computing infrastructure in house. It has access to thedata as well as software applications or programs for running cloud technology. In cloudtechnology includes moving the data storage from in- house servers to the third party provider ofservice with centralized servers for several consumers. It helps in moving whole operatingsystem as well as software to cloud so that people can not be connect through internet connection2
to application which they want to be access. The entire informations are to be founded in thecloud and it is not necessary for user to be a specific place as they can get such data orinformations by accessing to it at anywhere. In the research project, the Nomtek InformationTechnology and Service company is to be undertaken which deals in designing mobile apps anddevelopment (Etro, 2015). There are various services and products that offers by Nomtek such asdesigning the apps, developing software applications for business values and usability etc. Apartfrom these, company is also dealing in web designing and developing, software development,maintenance and testing, publishing and project management. Cloud computing is also known ascomputing that entirely depends on internet. This technology holds its significance in each area.It makes the scaling, maintenance and provisioning of applications and also servers breeze.1.3 Significance of researchCloud computing is considered as the biggest changes and shift from the traditional waywhere businesses can think regarding IT resources. Cloud computing is an essential in makingentire works more easy and efficient manner as it support in achieving set goals or objectives inan adequate manner. Many of organisations focused to adopt cloud technology and keep all filessafe as well as secure so that entire works can be performed with an effective manner. Everyfirms are turning to the cloud computing services because of getting various kinds of benefitswhile running business operations (Soyata and et. al., 2015). Nomtek company also undertakecloud computing services that supportive in cutting costs and utilise all available resources withan efficient manner. They can design better mobile applications and developing websites forother businesses with better ways because cloud technology is helpful in maintaining ormanaging speeds while working.1.4 AimIt is a main part of research in which researcher create an aim that is concerned with topicof investigation. It consists required aspects as well as objectives in research. It is an effectiveway to giving the guidelines to investigator so that it can conduct the research in systematicmanner without arise any kind of complexities. Through this researcher will able to draw validconclusion. The aim of research is:“To analyse the impact of cloud technologyon developing business performance. Acase study on Nomtek Information Technology” .3
1.5 Research ObjectivesUnder this section of research, the purpose of study is considered in concisely and clearmanner. Under this, researcher develops objectives related to study for better understanding. Ithelps in provide the specific statements so that outcomes can be measurable. Some researchobjectives are mention below as above:To examine the concept of Cloud Computing.To analyse the impact of cloud technology on growth of small businesses.To determine effectiveness of cloud computing in developing business organisation.To identify the benefits of cloud technology in managing and achieving business goals.1.6 Research Questions1.How to examine the concept of Cloud Computing ?2.What are the impact of cloud technology on growth of small businesses ?3.How to determine effectiveness of cloud computing in developing businessorganisation ?4.What are the ways to identify the benefits of cloud technology in managing andachieving business goals ?1.7 TimescaleThe timescale refers to time allowed or taken through sequence and process of events.Under this, there are many activities related to research are mentioned with specific time period.It is a duty of investigator to perform all given activities of research with in given period of time.With the help of this, researcher will complete research in proper manner and get positiveoutcomes.Gantt Chart:It is a type of bar chart that actually illustrates a project schedule and completion of its inan effective and result based way. This charts lists out the tasks to be performed on the verticalaxis and time intervals on the horizontal axis. This detailed chart is helpful to list out the taskswhich needs to be covered in an entire business project as well as defined work to be completedin the minimum point of time. Also, this type of chart deals with construction of the project andguidance to complete in the possible period of time.4
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