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BUSINESS STATISTICS1IMPACT OF DISTRIBUTED LEDGER TECHNOLOGY(DLT) IN COMPANIESExecutive SummaryDistributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a completely new technology that is advancing inthe market. The technology is providing several features which are beneficial for thecompany as well as to the investors. Thus, in this research, the main aim is to evaluate theperformance of the company DigitalX which have already adopted the technology. Theanalysis has shown that it would be beneficial for the investors to invest in DigitalX.IntroductionA new technology known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has been recentlyintroduced in the market. From several reports, it has been observed that the imagination ofthe policy makers and the entrepreneurs have been captured quite easily with the advantagesthat are provided by the technology. Specifically, one of the features of this DLT,Blockchain, has the ability to protect the integrity of the ownership by revolutionizing thetransactions. Market efficiency of the banks have shown considerable improvements with thehelp of DLT’s pilot transactions. Transactions of a larger value could be done efficiently andthe process was fast and simple with the use of DLT.Thus, all these advantages suggest that the individuals who invest in companies willexperience tremendous opportunities from the companies who have embraced this newtechnology. This research is mainly aimed at assessing the share price performance of thecompany DigitalX, who have already adopted this technology and give recommendationsabout whether to invest in this company or not.Part AThe line chart attached below shows the weekly closing prices of DigitalX. It showsthe changes in the weekly closing prices of the shares of DigitalX clearly. From the graph itcan be seen that there is no trend in the closing prices. Moreover, the prices are random.There has been constant increase and decrease in the weekly closing prices over 3 years. Theshare prices have reached its highest in December 2017.
BUSINESS STATISTICS212/28/20142/15/20154/5/20155/24/20157/12/20158/30/201510/18/201512/6/20151/24/20163/13/20165/1/20166/19/20168/7/20169/25/201611/13/20161/1/20172/19/20174/9/20175/28/20177/16/20179/3/201710/22/201712/10/20171/28/201800. Closeing Price of DigitalXDateClosingSharePricesFrom the histogram presented below of the weekly returns of the company DigitalX,it can be seen clearly that the weekly returns earned by the company are not normallydistributed. Moreover, the returns are positively skewed. There are no outliers to the data onweekly returns.-40--30-30--20-20--10-10-00-1010-2020-3030-4040-5060-7080-9090-1000102030405060Weekly ReturnsWeekly ReturnsFrequencyFrom the measures of location, it can be seen clearly that the average return that canbe earned from the shares of the company is 1.66. The median return value has been obtainedas 0, which indicates that in 50 percent of the cases there has been no profit. The maximumamount of return earned in a week is 95.45 whereas, the minimum return has been a loss of36.43. The data clearly shows that in most of the cases, the return earned is less than theaverage return. This indicates that the company has suffered from a loss in most of the weeks.Descriptive Statistics DigitalX Weekly ReturnsLocationMean1.66Median0.00Mode0SpreadStandard Deviation17.89822Maximum95.45
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