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Running head: IMPACT OF EATING DISORDERImpact of Eating Disorder on the Individual, their Family and the CommunityName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1IMPACT OF EATING DISORDEREating disorder is a serious problem in the modern world. It is a psychological disorderwhich is characterized by disturbed or abnormal eating habit. For example, anorexia nervosa isan eating disorder, where people stop eating due to the fear of gaining weight and hence, sufferfrom severe food restriction. The perceptions of a perfect figure and resulting eating disorderhave profound impact on the individual, their family and the community the individual is livingin (Rohde, Stice & Marti, 2014).Today, the mass media advertises the concept of beauty in terms of youthful face andslender figure of women, which leads to the idealization of a thin body by not gaining weight.However, the ideal figure is almost impossible to achieve, but women get panicked about theirweight and stop eating. Individuals can experience physical consequences, such as, malnutrition,and many chronic diseases, such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, dental issues,heart attack, inflamed esophagus, weak bones, and sometimes even death (Blodgett Salafia et al.,2015). The physical impact of the eating disorder shows the impact gradually on the bodysystem. The effects are long term, which cast their impact in the adulthood. If an individualsuffers from this disorder and its resultant health effects, then it is an added cost to the family ofthe individual and the community at large. The society is then burdened to provide long termtreatment to these individuals.Yu, Damhorst & Russell(2011) state that in the future, whenthese young people grow up with many chronic diseases, the community has to provide propermedical treatment at large, in terms of hospital facilities, drug counseling, and many more. Theworking capacity of that individual will also be affected due to ill health, which in turn willaffect the work culture as well as the productivity of the community.The individuals with severe eating disorder suffer from isolation and substance abuse.These can have repercussions for their families. The academic performance, social interaction,
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