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You have to write an International Relations Essay. It is a 2400 words assignment. You have a choice to choose from 11 topics but my preference is topic 2. Topic 2 is "Can democracy be successfully exported by force? Give detailed examples to support your answer". However, you have a choice to choose any other topic. You are required to use 8+ academic journal articles and other academic sources.


   Added on 2022-09-28

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Running Head: SOCIOLOGY 0
In this essay, the emphasis will be based on the topic related to can democracy be effectively
exported by strength in relevance to the context of various countries in the world. The
concept relating to democracy is quite broadly analyzed in terms of its negative and positive
aspects. Further, the concern of democracy will be highlighted with the detailed examples of
either supporting it or contradicting upon it.
The conception of Democracy is a set of government process where the control or the
authority is in the hands of the citizens by the process of voting at various levels in the
country. It is a system that permits every citizen to engage in the presentation and invention
of the relevant laws (Reilly, 2016). When dealing with the direct kind of democracy, the
citizens are the ultimate authoritative body forming the governing body and the voting
system. It has two major general democratic forms of government that are classified on the
basis of representative and direct democracy. The direct democracy is where the involvement
of the people of the country for creating those laws which are for the betterment of the nation
and on the other hand, the people of the nation appoint their own representatives to take the
initiatives towards the creation of the laws (Jonsson & Lounsbury, 2016). Therefore, the
appointed official authorized individual will operate the governing body which is known as
the legislature.
It is stated that the term democracy is also based on the functioning of the Rule of the
majority because the actions are dependent on the individuals. When examining the system of
democracy which is a wider disputed term with respect to its outcome as the candidate has
been empowered to elect a suitable person without any pressure or control (Piccone , 2016).
In democracy, the unpredictability of the end result is in its nature. The particular aspect of
establishing democracy in any country is mainly decided on the circumstances of
remunerative, administrative and social factors (Lund, 2018).
The importance of democracy in the contemporary world for many countries has been a
reasonable factor. The functioning of every sector such as business, education, industrial, etc.
in our day to day lives has only become successful due to the democratic system that has
relatively raised the economical division of those countries who have a democratic form of
government. Execution of such powerful system in nature is by giving an opportunity to
every individual of the country to represent themselves within the government. In relevance
to America, the government tried to contribute towards the unbound health care, communal
welfare, highways, etc to enhance the country and its people. The enforcement of appropriate
law within the society is the prior aspect in terms of democracy (Ruedin & D’Amato,, 2015).
Another significant factor that comes across is based on the equality of gender, sex religion
and, race, etc. which can only be created within democracy. So, there should not be any fear
or prejudice amongst the people of the country relating to their caste or religion because
democracy is meant to be furnished for every person and upon every religion not just for the
sake of one individual (DuckDuckGo, 2018). The concept of democracy will impact on a vast
level as it gives the same rights by diminishing the superior and the inferior element amongst
the people (Mason, 2017).
The two major principles of democracy relates to firstly the person who is holding the public
office or having official duties are practicing their power through the sanctioned authority as
they are appointed not by the method of inherent or force; secondly the procedure for altering
the government is done by means of undisturbed and conducting elections on a uniform basis
(enotes, 2019). The term democracy is not as an ideology but it rather focuses on how the
elected government and the law must function by the majority of the opinion.
The development of democracy in the modern sphere emerged within Britain and France then
expanded in the other nations. The most important purpose for the initiation of democracy
was the disappointment from the conduct of criminality, and other negative effects which
resulted in the hindrance of the society. It also plays an effective role in the creation of the
sovereignty in the country which is based on the supreme power issued to the people that can
be contemplated as the major source of power which can shape and scatter the pillar of the
government. The provisions of democracy permit the association of the public in the making
of the final decision which in turn can rectify the needs, unfairness and on that base the
policies are invented (Habermas, 2015).
According to the demonstrated perspective of 2017, Norway is leading amongst the countries
of the world in aspect to the strongest democracy. Then, it has been followed further by
Iceland and Sweden. It is considering New Zealand on the fourth level with Denmark on the
fifth along with Canada and Ireland on heading towards the sixth level. Therefore, the
countries having the full democracies are Switzerland, Finland and, Australia. The noticeable
fall in the democracy of United States was based on the reason for perceiving low communal
confidence in the government and the functioning of the institutions of the public (Meernik,
2018). The bottom-most countries ranking in the hierarchy are North Korea with Chad and
Syria. Also, South Arabia is considered to be in the list of ten worst countries with the lowest
The several aspects of democracy are estimated through each country’s electoral system, its
civil liberties, the operating of the government, political contribution and the political culture.
So, in the modern world the deficiency of the political contribution has been problematic for
the developed countries that identified the separation between the high levels of support of
the public for democracy across the world and showed the outcome of huge failure or
dissatisfaction within the functioning of the democratic systems.

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