Impact of Gaming Addiction in Children or Adults.

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Impact of Gaming Addiction in Children or AdultsThe consumerist culture that enshrouds and envelopes the mainstream U.S society hasinfused a new deadly habit among the American children. Consumerism has instigated the rise ofthe virtual and this has paved the way for the emergence of computer games as one of theprimary choices of today’s American children. Though some scholars have argued that computergaming can improve a child’s intelligence; the series of negative impacts that gaming addictioncan bring upon children is a pointer to the fact that rather than being beneficial, computer gaminghas actually emerged as a bane for children and adolescents.Emphasizing the negative impact of gaming addiction on both children and adults, in theresearch article, “Addiction of Electronic Media in Children: A Major Problem,” Yadav andKaur (2016) has suggested that over indulgence in computer gaming can actually become anaddiction which becomes hard for an individual to give up in adulthood too. The researchershave said that excessive use of technology in daily life in the form of virtual entertainment hasalso contributed to the rise in the rate of female victimization. From the opinion of Yadav andKaur (2016) one might draw a conclusion that computer gaming promotes many of those wronghabits in a male child which, in the long-run, can become harmful for the female population.Hence, considering such an important fact it can be said that gaming addiction can renderdisastrous impacts on children.In another research article, “Regulating Video Games: Must Government Mind OurChildren?,” Thierer (2003), the director of telecommunication studies at Cato Institute, declaredthat government regulation of video games (infused with violence) can only be a success ifparents take the control of the gaming choice of their children. Even though government1
regulation might draw a thin line between gaming and addiction; ultimately it is the parents’responsibility to keep vigilance on what the child is playing and if it is turning towards addiction.Hence, it can be said that the fact that computer gaming can turn into a dangerous addiction isundeniable and almost universally accepted. Moreover, in another important research article,“Psychiatric Impacts of Video Games, Internet Addiction on Children,” Dingle and Kothari(2015) referring to a real-life case has strived to depict the severely negative impact of computergaming addiction on the victim. The researchers have conveyed that the rate of use of internet-based gaming by young males have risen over the past few years and such a rise can bedisastrous for the society as this would tend to impact negatively on the psychology of thoseyoung men who are continuously exposed to violent computer games.Conveying the negative impacts of computer game addiction, in the article, “IdentifyingVideo Game Addiction in Adolescents and Children,” Fisher (1994) has suggested that somearcade video games have the potential to make the players addicted to real-life gambling, puttingtheir social and financial wellbeing at stake. What Fisher (1994) has opined is that; unrestrainedaccess to Internet makes children and young adults more prone to arcade game exposures, andexposures to games like gambling eventually infuse in the addicts an urge to employ the gamingstrategies in real-life. Hence, one can see quite clearly why computer game addiction is graduallyemerging as a menace to the American society. Furthermore, in the article, “Effect of addictionto Computer Gamers on Physical and Mental health of Female and Male Students of GuidanceSchool in city of Isfahan,” Zamani, Chashmi, and Hedayati (2009) have pointed out that there isan intricate relationship between computer gaming addiction and deterioration in the physicaland psychological health of the addicts. What the researchers have claimed is that; computergame addiction makes children more alienated and isolated from the mainstream society making2
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