Impact of Gender on Haptic Behavior Assignment

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Running Head: RESEARCH PLANPSYCHOLOGY[Document subtitle]
RESEARCH PLAN1What do I need toknow?SourcesNotes and otherquestions which areraisedJustification ofusage of resourcesWhat aspect of NVCis beinginvestigated?The aspect of NVCwhich is beinginvestigated is theimpact of gender onthe haptic behaviour.1.Stress:Perspectivesand processes2.Coping withStress inmental healthnursing InStress andCoping inMental HealthNursingWhy doesn't peopleraise their voiceagainst the hapticbehaviour which theydo not like?The resources help inunderstanding theimpact of males andfemales on thebehaviour of touch.Are there anyrelevant theoriesavailable for thisbehaviour?The differencesbetween the gendersin the hapticbehaviour whichfurther causes stress.1.Stress:Perspectivesand processes2.The Clayburycommunitypsychiatricnurse stressstudyWhy is there adifference in thegender dependingmainly on the hapticbehaviour?The resources arereliable and validbecause it gives allthe informationwhich is required formy research study.What previousresearch has alreadybeen conducted?The factors whichincrease the stresslevel of the nursesand they get addictedto smoking.1.Burnout inpsychiatricnursing: ametaanalysisof relatedvariables2.ThemeasurementWhy does theresearchers not giveany easy measure tocope up with stress?The resources arereliable and validbecause it explains allthe relevant factorsfor the researchstudy.
RESEARCH PLAN2ofexperiencedburnoutBackground ResearchA numerous number of studies were conducted in order to analyse the reasons which arestressful for the nurses and to cope up with the stress they start smoking. The meta-analysis wasconducted by (Melchior et al., 1997) and it was observed that there is a correlation among thesatisfaction of the job, conflicts among the roles, support from the supervisor and the burnout.Further, on the basis of the research, it was also found that the patients also have a greatinfluence on the nurses and this can be a risk factor which makes the nurses stressful. Accordingto the (Fagin et al., 1995), it has been analysed that the social support helps the nurses in copingwith the stress and they do not smoke like support from the superiors, colleagues and friends andfamily. Further, this helps in reducing the stress level, and people would not get addict tosmoking.Furthermore, according to the (Barlett, D 1998), the research was conducted by using thestandardised forms in order to measure the stress level of the nurses and why they get addicted tosmoking. As a result, it was found that working in the community is much more stressful for thenurses as compared to working in the hospital. Therefore, they get addicted to smoking in orderto burn the level of the stress. From the given researchers and analysis, it has been understoodthat the clinical supervision is significant in order to burnout the stress level of the nurses, and itfurther encourages the creativity, and the nurses who are already addicted to smoking will beable to quit smoking, and as a result they will be able to cope up with the stress.Rationale for Proposing the ResearchThe rationale for proposing the research further is to extend the analysis of the previous studiesand the researches and give the main reasons for the problems and the various measures whichwill help the nurses to cope up with stress with ease. The previous studies have only given the
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