The Impact of Globalization on Business

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Research Project
TITLE:“The impact of globalisation on the corporate structures of large multinationalcompanies and the major operations and management challenges they face.” A study ofLINDT CHOCOLATE.INTRODUCTIONOverview of researchGlobalisation means performing business operations in more than one country and thereare less trade barriers in selling and purchasing product and services from foreign country. Thereare different trade policies such as octroi duty, foreign exchange rate, import export duty, etc.which has to be followed for smooth running of business at international level (Shenkar, Luo,and Chi, 2014). Corporate structure refers to various segments of enterprise which are workingfor attaining same targets of organisation. It is not possible for large scale organisation to operateat international level without synchronising their activities. There are many department such asmarketing, sales, production, packaging, research and development, etc. through which businessoperations are performed in better and effective manner. Corporate structure includes board ofdirectors, management team, etc. At international level, there is requirement of proper teamthrough which consumers can get better quality products and services. While operating atinternational level is different from operating at global level, so it is essential to analyse changein working style and then frame policies accordingly. This research is based on LINDTCHOCOLATE which is Swiss chocolatier and confectionery association founded in 1845. thisassociation is well known for chocolate truffles, bars and other sweets (Epstein 2018). Background of researchThere is difference in corporate structure of when they are operating at international levelbecause of difference in demand of consumer preferences and demand. It is crucial to understandthis by managers of LINDT CHOCOLATE, so they can plan organisational operations inrelevant manner. When there is difference in working style, so it is essential to plan operationsaccordingly and communicate to workers. This makes outcome from business operations withachieving targets. Mangers of LINDT CHOCOLATE have to set aims and objectives small andmeasurable. Employees have to communicated in appropriate manner through which they are3
able to understand their job roles and responsibilities(Crane and et. al., 2019). Managers ofLINDT CHOCOLATE face different challenges such as selection of individuals, sources offinance, legislation policies., tax, etc. This is important and crucial for making long termsustainability in industry and able to provide satisfactory services to consumers in new market. Rationale of researchRational of this investigation is that it provides complete information about change incorporate structure of multinational company while operating at international level. Researcher isable to get complete information about different tools and techniques (Lechner and Boli, 2014).Reader is able to understand about challenges faced by organisation while operating atinternational level. Individual is able to understand what are the key factors which has to beconsidered while operating at international level and they will keep in mind to get positiveimpact for their business. Researcher have interest in working style of MNC so this investigationwill completed with considering proper tools and techniques (Stromquist and Monkman, 2014). Research Aim“To analyse the impact of globalisation on the corporate structures of largemultinational companies and the major operations and management challenges they face.” Astudy of LINDT CHOCOLATE.Research ObjectivesTo understand the impact on growth of LINDT CHOCOLATE with globalisation ofbusiness.To determine the changes that takes place in corporate structure at the LINDTCHOCOLATE while dealing at international level.To ascertain the operations and management issues which arise while operating atglobalise level of LINDT CHOCOLATE.To identify the benefits that are opt by LINDT CHOCOLATE through proper executionof operations and management at global level. Recommend some ways to managers of LINDT CHOCOLATE through which operationsand managementchallenges at international level can be resolved.4
Research QuestionsDoes there any impact on growth of LINDT CHOCOLATE with globalisation ofbusiness?What are the changes that takes place in corporate structure of LINDT CHOCOLATEwhile dealing at international level?What are the operations and management issues which arise while operating at globaliselevel?What are the benefits that LINDT CHOCOLATE with proper execution of operationsand management at global level ?What are the ways through which operations and management challenges at internationallevel can be resolved?Gantt ChartGantt chart is the pictorial description about different activities with their respective time.This is the project management tools through which individuals are able to perform activitieswithin specified time. This is the representation of horizontal and vertical lines in which time islines represent time for completing investigation (Ocloo, Akaba and Worwui-Brown, 2014).This investigation will be completed within approximately 11 time. 5

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