The Future of Nursing Advancing Health and Leading Change : Report

Added on - Sep 2019

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Running Head: Impact on NursingTHE IMPACT ONNURSING[Document subtitle]Nkoyo S. Ekpenyong
Impact on Nursing1The Nursing Future: Advancing Health, Leading ChangeThe title of the report is "The Future of Nursing: Advancing Health, Leading Change" offers theknowledge regarding the role of nurses in current dynamic health care system. The report is acombination of different recommendations for changing the different practices of nursing and thehigher levels of training and education, which could be attained by imparting efficient educationsystem. The report also said that the transformation of nursing practices should be done to theleadership of nursing.The impact of the IOM report on nursing educationIOM report effects the nursing education in larger extent. It suggests various new changes whichare necessary to follow for every healthcare institution. The report suggests an all-BSNworkforce at the entry level. All this is helpful in building a more uniform foundation for newcare models that prove beneficial in reforming the prevailing healthcare system (Garner, 2013).The report of IOM warned that if the prevailing system of nursing did not transform, it would notbe able to fulfil the new technologies, growing demands and the population of ageing which areprevailing due to the different reforms of the health system. The prevailing healthcare systemsignificantly changes after the introduction of Affordable Care Act, 2010. With the help of thisact, health care system able to takes a leap from the healthcare or hospital-centric model to thefamily-patient centric model. In such type of environment, the healthcare systems mainly focuson the chronic and preventive care management treatment, instead of episodic hospitalizations. Itcan be said that the most aspects of the healthcare system move into the public health settingsand the communities, and there is a need for different physicians who have the efficientknowledge and various skills in different fields of nursing. Therefore, it can be said that there are
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