The Impact of the Selection and Recruitment Processes

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Running Head:IMPACT OF THE SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT PROCESSESThe Impact of the Selection and Recruitment Processes on an OrganizationName of the Student:Academic Affiliation:Date:
IMPACT OF THE SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT PROCESSES2IntroductionRecruitment can be defined as being as a set of processes and activities that can legally beused in obtaining enough numbers of qualified individuals at the right time and at the right placeso that the individuals as well as the organizations can each select or choose their own long andshort-term interests. Recruitment is one of the most important functions of human resourcemanagement that ought to be given utmost attention by all the organizations across the world.This is attributed to the fact that the recruitment and selection processes are actually some of theactivities that have a significant and critical impact of the general organization of each and everyorganization across the globe (Cascio, 2018).While it has generally been comprehended as wellas accepted that the poor recruitment and selection processes have continued to affect theperformance of most organizations and even limited their abilities to achieve goals. It is quiteunfortunate that most of the organizations across the world are taking a long time to not onlyidentify but also implement new and effective strategies of hiring. This is partly attributed to thefact that there are some of the laws that have inhibited changes while in other circumstances,managerial inertia has been blamed as being the major inhibiting factor.The Impact of the recruitment process on general operations of an organizationThe recruitment and selection processes could have a significant impact on the financialoperations of any given organization and these could either be on a negative or positive aspect.This could ultimately result in affecting an organization’s reputation both externally as well asinternally (Tippins et al, 2017).It is a common fact that each and every employer wishes to havegreat employees around them due to the fact that not only do they have the potential of easilyhitting targets but they are also capable of adding value and significantly contributing to the
IMPACT OF THE SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT PROCESSES3overall performance of their organizations and inspiring their fellow employees. This thusimplies that employment or recruitment of new employees in the organization should not just besimply about what such an organization is at currently but rather, it should be about where suchan organization plans to be. It is therefore the responsibility of the Human Resource Departmentin the organization to ensure that both the recruitment and selection processes in their respectiveorganizations integrate the vital and relevant policies that can ensure the safe delivery of theabove policies.Building a Central WorkforceThe Human Resource Department in each and every organization should therefore notethat the recruitment and selection processes should not just be about the selection of the mostsuitable candidates but rather, it should be about the selection of the most suitable and reliablecandidates. Selection and recruitment should rather be about the building or development of acentral workforce that is quite effective. This is also attributed to the fact that these processeswill also have a significant impact on the candidates being selected not only in the decisionmaking processes of accepting the job offers but also in their subsequent commitment of theindividual towards the company or organization that has recruited them in the achievement of theorganization’s objectives and goals (Nieves & Quintana, 2018).Since time immemorial, therecruitment and selection processes have had different theories and models whose relevance inbringing about effectiveness that will aid the organization to reach the goals it prefers in therecruitment of the best candidates in the jobs that they are most suited to. It is prudent for the HRdepartment in each and every organization to note that ineffective recruitment as well asselection of employee processes can have a negative impact on the overall operations of theirrespective organizations. It is therefore prudent for the department to ensure that the regulations
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