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Running head: IMPACT OF TELEVISION ON YOUTHIMPACT OF TELEVISION ON YOUTHName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1IMPACT OF TELEVISION ON YOUTHAbstract:Television is one of the most important medium of entertainment in the presentgeneration. Starting from small age to that of elderly people, all prefer watching television.However, the cohort which remains mot addicted to television is the young people. Televisionhas many positive impacts. It provides them with new from all over the world. They also get toknow a lot about flora and fauna all over the world. Many channels show tips of healthy livinghat makes their lives better. It also gives them time to handle their stress effectively. Howeverthere are many negative impacts. Youths develop unhealthy habits like improper sexual habits,violence, aggression, physical disorders like vision issues, obesity and many others. Parentsshould be careful about their wards. The national broadcasting organization should also posseproper control over the content they allow on the television. All these would help in overcomingthe impacts and give them proper lives.
2IMPACT OF TELEVISION ON YOUTHTitle: Television – “necessary evil” for the youth:In the present generation, media has a profound impact on different cohorts ofpopulation. Most of the impacts are mainly found over children and youth. Previously, printedword in the media through newspaper had been the main source of information as well asentertainment for young people. In the present generation, the printed word of the media hasundergone a revolution. Media is no more restricted to prints and now has expanded to air,television as well as internet (Greenfield, 2014). Television is the most readily available mediumof information to each and every household and has been a constant companion for young peoplenot only in Canada but also over the world. The thesis of this persuasive essay is (a)televisionsin the present day are impacting the lives of youth both in a positive way and in negativeway, (b)numerable factors are making them exposed to the televisionand also (c) therecommendations which can be provided to parents and guardians to prevent the youngindividuals of the family to get affected in a negative way.Statistical data suggest that an average Canadian adolescent watches television for morethan 14 hours of the day. Television can be termed as “necessary evil” for such young souls. Thisis said so because, television can act as a powerful teacher. The important channels likeDiscovery, National Geographic, the tutorial classes for handicrafts, the classes conducted onteaching yoga and exercises and many others can provide them with good amount of knowledge.They can gather information and news from all over the world through the news channel andkeep themselves updated (Van Der Chaul et al., 2015).However, it has many negative impacts as well. Many teenagers remain hooked for along period of time which affects their academic career and earn them poor marks. A deleterious
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