Impacts of Electronic media.

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Running head: Impacts of Electronic mediaImpacts of Electronic Media
Impacts of Electronic media1Executive SummaryThis paper is an attempt to identify the impacts of excessive usage of electronic media onchildren as well as adults. This paper also highlights the need to bring the seriousness of the issuein the attention of the public. Moreover, the research paper also reflects the scope of the usage ofelectronic media and measures the impact by using the previous research work.Recommendations addressing the limitations of the community authorities are also made at theend of the paper.The main reason for choosing such a topic for research is the heavy amount negativeimpacts that occur to the people of different age groups. It is believed that children spendingmore time in playing violent games are more likely to go through significant changes in theirbehavior which may be aggressive in nature. Time spent by them in other activities such assports, reading, and interactions with friends reduces significantly. Sometimes children getconfused between the real life and the fantasy world. Academic performance of kids may getnegatively affected by gaming addiction. Studies have also suggested that gaming addiction mayeven result in sufficiently damage one’s long-term concentration ability. It is very important thatmore debates should be held in public on such issues so that people can be made aware of the ill-effects of excessive gaming.With the advent of electronic media, the world has seen a lot of developments in thefields of information and technology, advertisements, communication, and entertainments.Despite offering a great deal of uses, electronic media is still a topic of debate because of itsexcessive misuse. Electronic media is mainly used being today for entertainment purpose ofchildren and adults (Yadav & Kaur, 2016). It has been noticed in the research that childrenmainly use the electronic media for the purpose of playing video games while adults mainly useit for the purpose social networking on the internet. The introduction of electronic media wasseen as a useful thing in the beginning, but in a very short time, various forms of addictionsrelated to electronic media usage came into existence with children as well as adults. Whileevaluating the impacts of electronic media over children's thought process, it was observed fromthe data that gaming addiction is more likely occur in children of young age than on adults. Theadults who became addicted to gaming at early stages of their lives find it difficult to give upgaming. It has been noticed that such use of electronic media is not limited to a certain group ofchildren. Instead, it is found to be common in all genders and age groups regardless of children'sdistinct social and economic backgrounds (Dingle & Kothari, 2015). Children of smaller agegroups are so much inclined towards video games and movies that they even miss their schoolsand meals because of their addiction towards these. Social media activities such as messagetexting and sexting are common in elder group of children which may victimize anyone.However, as per the analysis, it has been found females are more likely to be victimized thanmales.While examining the psychological aspects of arcade genre of gaming, it has been foundthat beginning of the addiction to arcade gambling would result in real life gambling which maynegatively impact the brains of youth (Rickers et al., 2016). It was found that availability of
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